Do you know the feeling you have when you are driving down a highway on a Sunday afternoon and there is this beautiful song that could almost be like your soundtrack in a movie?Or you switch on the radio and suddenly the first song you hear makes you want to skip around and dance?Ythera makes the kind of music I have described above.

I first heard of Ythera in the year 2014.I stumbled upon her video ‘Kijana’ and gave it a listen. It was good,different.After that I heard nothing from her until ‘Ahadi’.I then got curious and decided to do my research on this singer who has a lot of soul in her music.

Ythera is an alumnus of the famous Sauti Academy. For those of you who don’t know Sauti Academy is the birth place of legendary group Sauti Sol.Ever since their success,Sauti has managed to churn out a whole new crop of talent that are trained in voice,instrumentation,musical arrangement and overall performance of a song. This in my opinion was a great foundation from which to begin and it shows in her music.

To date Ythera has 4 songs to her name-‘Kijana’,’Hot Blooded Man’,’Ahadi’ and ‘Kinky Hair’. When I listen to her she reminds me of a somewhat slightly younger version of Atemi.Her aura reminds me of a modern day Aretha Franklin.

She has a lot of range and without instruments her voice alone can take you on a musical journey. Her songs all have the essentials of a story- a beginning, middle and end. Apart from ‘Ahadi’ all her other songs have a funky afro soul feel to it.Again I stress, her voice on its own is magic and I am so glad that the instruments never overshadow it.

Another mark of a great musician is the ability to blend harmonies and melodies such that a song is fluid. Her background vocalists do a good job of this and they are never off key! I hope they can keep it that way.

I sincerely think Ythera is definitely an artist to watch. She is not just a singer but a storyteller. Amongst the many afro soul artists that are emerging, she has a very bright future ahead of her and I cannot wait to hear more beautiful stories from her.

Here is her first single ‘Kijana’.To view more from her subscribe to her channel,Ythera Music.

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