DRUNKP-UNIT’S Gabu features Kristof and comedian Jalang’o in this piece set to take the party scene to a whole new height. It’s interesting how P-Unit are diverse and full of surprises. Who thought a time would come where each entity breaks away to pull solos and amass an audience of their own? Ulopa produces another banger even though the beats and the entire production is not all virgin to our ears. No shades! Interestingly, Gabu with his rather subtle voice raps through the first verse in what I’d call a typical Kenyan club scene.

The songs tells a story. Thumbs up! Jalang’o plays a drunkard  in the company of friends who won’t pay for his botties {bottles}. Funny how he gets faded expecting his buddies to bail him out then…Kenyans drink. Are we a drinking nation? Do we sleep through our drunkenness and pretend to be very sleepy when it is time to settle the tab ?

Kristoff in  my opinion is an endowed rapper who always brings the house down. He carries the story on by using typical Nairobian lines…Niko Poa! To mean he is well even when its clear he is so dirunk. His presence in this song has no impact per se. His is in a wagon so he passes out dirunk!

The chorus is catchy. Aside Gabu’s acquired rhyme flow, the rest will pass to the bin. It did not do so much for me but who knows, I might feel the full potential of the record when I’m in the party mood and really dirunk babe! 😉 or in a matatu.

Gabu,Kristoff and Jalang’o,………I bin this!

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