MDQI have listened to this song close to three times.Muthoni the Drummer Queen is back!On this track she collaborates with Khaligraph and M.I. from Nigeria.The track is called’Turn on the Lights’ and the moment the beat drops you are sucked into the song.

MDQ goes hard on her verse ‘Hii ni track ya watu wanajidai sana,tokeni hapa’…almost like a diss track. However as per her words this was to get rappers and MCs to up their game with first and foremost dope lyrics.Show them how it’s done.Boy,did she  deliver!The beat is really infectious and keeps your head bobbing all through.Shout out to the producers,good job.(It kind of reminds me of a beat that Kanye would use and from some interviews I have watched she is a fan of his.)

Khaligraph is a rapper that I never really took seriously until he did ‘Biashara’ with STL and Kristoff.I listened to him on this track and I became a believer.This brother of mine from Siaya has represented!He is just not throwing about words to suit a beat but trying to communicate a message.(Apart from that let me just mention that his speed is impressive.I think that is his X factor).

Now let’s talk about M.I.Woii!He did nothing for that track in my opinion.His energy as compared to the rest was really low.Considering he is touted to be one of the top hip hop artists in Nigeria I was expecting so much more.But knowing MDQ she is the queen of strategy and I am sure she was looking to tap into the Nigerian audience with his presence.I hope it pays off for her.

Really quick on the video-I love how it looks.Matches the feel of the song.It’s a hip hop video that has tasteful  African presence in it.I love the Queen’s wardrobe,even without the sound I can tell she  is the one in charge.I think you can still also feel a Kanye vybe to the video itself but it was well executed.Even without the collabos,she would still have managed to hold her own.

Stay winning Queen!

Here is the link to the video and subscribe to her channel Muthoni the Drummer Queen.


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