dandiaMhhh, dandia you say. I wonder what it is we are hanging on to. Poles? Hangers? Lines? WHAAAT? Ideally, I’d ask club banger, ‘tunayo hatuna?’

I miss The Kleptomaniacs of our days. ‘Tuendelee ama tusiendelee?’. Even without listening to the jam, I’m already worried about our club scene.

Well, it passes for a banger. A ratchet one for that matter. Any metaphoric meaning to Dandia? Well I have no idea. Thumbs up to Cedo for the good work in production. The beats are terrific. I wonder what the ranks of J Dilla or DJ Premier would have to say about Cedo’s work. I love the piano amid the noise though!

What I question is Cedo’s integrity. Producing a song is one bit but also advice to artists is another. As a producer passing a concept out as hit or a miss ensures an artists growth and impact to the society. This is in line to the artist’s songwriting prowess and abilities. A catchy chorus or phrase works but what comes after really matters. Yes it does! Listening to Dandia, advice was costly.

Kristoff is an amazing musician,  though he was once an artist. He came out as this witty rapper with mad flows but at this point in time, I feel his craftsmanship has gone down the drain. Is there a special place in hell for people who objectify women?

Frasha is not only lyrical but also a trendsetter. He makes sheng’ sound plush. Also, that Somali accent works only the story behind the verse is neither here nor there. I see the sense behind club bangers. No sense more cents!

Kaka Sungura the poet! Pun intended. His verse here is so short only the rhyme stands out. I wish we could get to hear more from our beloved brother. {See what I did there?}. But what do we get?, a cameo! Really.

Frasha, Kaka is this where fame has got you? Is it not trying too hard? Moving on swiftly,  for the turn up generation this would pass as an epic jam. I wonder what the ladies have to say about the song given we still wonder what is the guys are dandiaing?

I pass this as bin material!



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