sijafika II

‘Sijafika’ is Swahili for ‘I have not arrived’ . However in this context,  it means ‘I have not made it’.This song is a collaboration of four artists:Linet Muraya , known as Size 8, is a gospel musician who abandoned the secular world after seeing the light. There is Willy Paul who according to Wikipedia is described thus”Wilson Abubakar Radido is a Kenyan Award winning Contemporary Christian Music artist and song writer from Kasarani in Nairobi” .Gloria Muliro is a well respected gospel artist who has earned her place over ten years since her  debut album Omwami Aletsa (The Lord is Coming).Kambua is an award winning worshipper with an angelic voice who won us over with the song ‘Nishikilie’.With all these accolades you would expect a powerhouse,maybe even song of the year…

This song is in no way inspiring. A summary of all your hit songs , which can fit on an Instagram bio, does not make a song. The creativity  is wanting and makes one wonder whether the song is popular because of the artists or the message.  A non christian listening to this song, if they make it to the end, would not be convinced to turn away from their ‘evil’ ways, take up the cross and follow the Lord. The closest thing to a gospel song in this whole charade is Kambua’s verse. Given her reputable career, this song is a case of two steps forward a thousand back.

Ghost writers are people who write material on behalf of others. Invest in them please! Kambua perhaps should have been the one to write the song since she was the only one with a sensible verse. Gloria Muliro ,why ? How did you caught up with the ‘Tam Tam’ duo?  (post for another day). ‘Sitolia’ is a good song , Willy Paul owes his career to the song, but after ‘Kitanzi’ things took a nosedive in my opinion.  We want Gloria Muliro back.Is this what happens when you hang out with Willy Paul for so long? Speaking of which what is it with Willy Paul? The reason as to why he stands out is yet to be made clear. But then again his target audience might be the answer to that question.

The video.

Location. Splendid! The Kempinski Franchise is doing very well for itself. Wardrobe team held their end of the deal. The lighting is absolutely delicious. The camera shots are simple and well done. Ladies and gentlemen that marks the end of good things in the video. What is the thing that happens during Kambua’s verse? What was the intention again? Clearly she was not available for the shoot but she made it for the launch of the song on a local TV show.I guess we can see the concept of priorities playing out here.I mean would it have hurt to delay the video shoot?Oh well,I digress. The 18 seconds ‘montage’, (I use that word because the assumption is that is what the editor was aiming for) is an eyesore. Dancers or the three doing a routine would have sufficed, but no they had to do THAT!Editing is not about dragging and dropping,cutting and pasting,its about telling a story.A professional would have done research on how to tackle that problem.

When four gospel household names come together for a collabo one expects at the very least a party anthem but this was a downright disappointment. Gloria a single would rid us of this disturbing memory. Kambua please be well advised who you collaborate with , it matters. Willy Paul , hopefully your music improves with age. Size 8,no comment.

Have a lovely Weekend.

Your Thoughts?

Nyambura Nyawira

Check out the video below.



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