MUSHY MONDAYS – ‘UNAJUA’ by Gilad feat Wendy Kimani



This is such a good song. Beautifully done and the concept is well thought of and successfully executed. Gilad, a former  Israeli deputy ambassador to Kenya is a natural. He is a good actor as he successfully tells the story of this man who wishes for the one who got away to come back to him. The storyline resonates with almost everyone hence the outpouring of positive responses from the audience.

 The lyrics , though repetitive, manage to keep the listener hooked till the end of the song with many abusing the replay button. Gilad using proper Swahili is a surprise that excites anyone watching the video.  One would even mistake him for Kidum; that goes to show his vocal prowess is no fluke. For a man who was singing in Karaoke bars and   then part of a band for a short time we can safely say this was a diamond in the ruff waiting to be found.

The director Mushking whose work never fails to impress has done well with this video. It is also easy to spot his love for detail and one can tell the story was not a random afternoon plot. This video also goes to show  that less is more . One can actually tell a story with a ‘blackie’ and still stand out. Wait you have no idea what a ‘blackie’ is ? A ‘blackie’ is the bicycle that Gilad uses in the video. You know the one the headmaster , milkman and the photographer in  every village possesses. The push to have this video as Kenyan as possible is notable – the village setting , the gesture to the bicycle mechanic and the ugali madondo (Swahili for beans) which is a staple food in kibandas all across Kenya.  The colour grading looks so good, very pleasing to the eyes, hats off to the editor on that one!

The sound by MG Studios is so crystal clear that one can almost touch it.This is evidence that  though good sound can be quite pricey , the results are worth every  penny. The reggae influences in this song cannot be missed and it has been fused in so well  that even someone who is not a fan of the genre can fall in love with the  song.Wendy Kimani’s  beauty complement her vocals. One cannot help but notice her growth as an artist since her Tusker Project Fame days. This also is proof that contestants who do not win  singing competitions do much better than their counterparts who bag the prize money then fizzle out only to release a song after two years. Good for you Wendy!

These two artists shot the video in two different countries and they managed to make it work! An artist’s unavailability is no excuse for a shoddy video. The production crew did justice to the two whose authenticity will keep you wanting more. Gilad has a new song out , ‘Milele’,  which we can’t wait to review. ‘Unajua’ is a good icebreaker for the Israeli born to the Kenyan audience. It also goes to show that no matter how long it takes , art cannot be stashed away , it will always burst open. We have Juliani to thank for pushing Gilad to  record his music. Things can only get better.Kudos Gilad!

Check out Wendy’s music on her channel-Wendy Kimani.

Keep an eye out for more music from GILAD on his channel-GILAD.(Still pretty new so give it time).

Have an amazing week and click on the link below to view the video.

Your Thoughts?

Nyambura Nyawira


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