tunakubaliWicked Wednesdays for those who are not aware is the day that covers all those songs that are considered ratchet.You know the kind- the ones you feel guilty for listening to,the ones if you were found dancing to you would plead insanity and basically the type of music you wouldn’t find playing in high class clubs or events.The thing about these songs though is that they have these annoying (dare I say) catchy tunes.So feel very welcome and indulge your guilty pleasure.

Timmy Tdat is an  artist from Pacho Entertainment while The Kansoul are under the stable Red Republik.Since Timmy Tdat is the main in this song we shall talk about him.He first came to popularity with the song Welle Welle featuring Rapdamu also from the same stable.However unbeknownst to most of us he has been in the game since 2009.

On to his track’Tumekubali’.It has one of those beats you would hear in one of those dancehall songs that are so popular in matatus then Cedo adds a little flavour with beats I assume he created and  a  dog barking at some points(or is that Timmy?).Anyway as is his usual fashion there seems to be a lot of repetition in the song,nothing outstanding in Timmy’s verse.

Next comes Madtraxx aka Maddy from The Kansoul.Maybe its just this track but his verse is pretty mediocre.Next is Mejja and you know what even in this track he stands out,at least his verse tells a story.Then we have Kid Kora who took the opportunity to market the songs that The Kansoul has done.There is nothing to write home about.

Now the video.

There is something that bothers me about Timmy Tdat who by the way was just Timmy a while ago.(I don’t know if Kendrick was an inspiration for the name change?).Why does he like to dress up in girls clothes?.Look at Welle Welle closely and then look at this video.Should we be worried?Or is it his artistic license?

Moving on swiftly,Crystal Prime was the director for this.First of all,I get the neighborhood concept he was going for with the kids but could you please actually direct the kids.They look so lost and disinterested in the opening shot it’s distracting,funny even.The next shot is now with dancers.Dancers who are dressed like they were strolling in the hood and then stumbled into a shoot.Pray tell what is the point of having them dancing in school(as girls) and as choir members,barefoot?What is the story?One thing I notice though is that Timmy likes to dance and he is actually good at it.He was the one my eye was fixed on so thumbs up.

I see they tried to have a  ‘confession’ kind of setting.Totally not feeling it.Infact it reminds me of Future’s ‘Honest’.Except in his video it makes sense.Then my eyes cannot help but notice that in the indoors shot at some point the artists are all standing in a straight line.Again,directors please direct your cast.That is not their job but yours.Maybe as they were reviewing the footage they noticed hence why they cut to other shots really quickly but guess what I saw it.

It also helps to invest in video vixens who look and are dressed for the part…Why does the girl in orange keep bending over?Are you looking for something?She looks very awkward.Sigh.Rapdamu also makes an appearance in the video so watch out for him (assuming you know who he is).

Out of ten I would give this song a four.

Here is the video below.