sauti solRemember the days when Friday tings involved us dancing to Rihanna’s Pon De Replay? That was around ’05 when FUBU was FUBU and Timberlands were brown. Yeah? And then came the one and only lingala phenomenon Awilo Longomba with Coupe Bibamba. A song I must admit gets a ‘nod your head ‘ reaction from me every single time I pay a listen to it. I still wonder what the reptile was doing around Awilo’s neck. Wait! Is  Sauti Sol’s Mudigi Savara a look alike to Awilo? Look closely.

Shake your Bam Bam is the 5th release off their upcoming album Live and Die in Africa set to be released at the  end of this year.  This piece is nostalgic especially to 90s babies when our idea of the beat was a show called Kasskass and featured the likes of Awilo and Koffi Olomide. That is what Sauti Sol does,walk into your memories and remind you of the good old days.There are also influences from Sean Paul,Brick and Lace and even South American sounds that have come together to create this sound which had me dusting off my dancing shoes(and I am no dancer).

The verses in this song prove why again and again investing time and mind in songwriting always pays off. Their style and technique in this piece shows diversity and confidence. These guys literally pull a Coupe Bibamba line and own it!  Need I say that the Luhya is exquisite? When you carefully listen to the song you realise that they have used English,Swahili,Sheng,Lingala,French in addition to Luhya and it does not sound like a mess.There they deserve a standing ovation.These guys have lived and will die in Africa!

This party jam proves Sauti sol’s star power.Barely a couple of minutes after its release social media was in a frenzy to check out this new song.One day later the song had already garnered 69,453 views on Youtube. Who is Sauti Sol really? Who gives them life and time to do this to us?

For those who love to dance and shake their bum bums ,this is your song!  Kudos to the stylist.If you look closely especially at Mudigi you will notice that they borrowed some pieces that are in Awilo’s ‘Coupe Bibamba’ video.This video was done by Clarence Peters and the quality is really good but when it comes to product placement being subtle is thrown out the window.The creative team could have done better on that front.Also I can’t help but feel like some part of this video reminds me of some dancehall video …Elephant Man’s perhaps?

About the dancers,the video does inspire you to dance.There is one of the female dancers with an orange marvin on her head who does a great job,but others fail to impress.Infact when I look at this video I must say the girls have been overshadowed by the boys in the wardrobe and performance department which is interesting since the girls are the ones to shake their bums.There was debate over the originality of the song as a whole but you can’t deny how well they did it…

My verdict-this is a club banger that is here to stay. I’m off to party today. Dj please spin that again!


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