MUSHY MONDAYS: ‘Hello Baby’ by Avril feat Ommy Dimpoz

Avri Featuring Ommy Dimpoz - Hello Baby shots

Today we are going to go into our archives. ‘Hello Baby’ was released early in the year and let me just say , Avril is the Queen of  Kenyan R’nB’ . She is sexy , fierce , strong, witty and creative. When she came together with Tanzanian heartthrob Ommy Dimpoz for this song there was no cause for worry , it’s Avril.

The song is well written and heartfelt. Avril’s sentimental nature surfaces in the song. Here is why she is on top of her game, first she keeps it Kenyan. Secondly, she is the girl next door who you can relate to but at the same time a self made star, that all the girls want to be and the boys want to be with. Her voice is sultry and she knows what to do with her vocals. There is an innocence to her voice that is addictive. Her aura in the song is very lovable. In the song she assures her  long distance lover of her unending love. Her songwriting skills are outstanding and over the years she has kept it simple. The use of Swahili has also seen her garner an audience across the borders.

Ommy Dimpoz steals the ladies’ hearts with his sly gestures and catchy lyrics. By the way, he looks good. Please note as an artist your body is your money maker, before I lose you , I mean if people like what they see then it is easier to sell. These two clearly invest in body image and it pays off.

Sync is a good director , good theme with the forest, the canoe and the date set up. The colours complement the story. Good thinking with the Ankara outfits. While many may argue it’s a bit cliche’ the colours are well-coordinated. However, the canoe scene where Ommy is going to meet his ‘love’ in the forest, a laid back outfit would have worked better. An unbuttoned multi-coloured shirt coupled with a good T-shirt plus some good shorts and a good pair of shoe would have done the trick. The outfit is okay , it just looks off given the setting.

Reviewing music can get very subjective, so I sampled this song at the Salon where I get my hair done. It took me barely a second to convince one of the hairdressers to play it. The minute the song was turned up everyone was nodding to it and then a lady probably my mother’s age ( She is well into her forties) sung the chorus . Well bits and pieces, you know what I mean.  In the end we struck a conversation with the girls about music . I will fill you in on that in a later post.

For now ,Nyambura (she is my namesake I cannot help it.) , keep doing what you do. Keep the hair 🙂

Your thoughts?

Nyambura Nyawira

Click on the link below to watch the video.