I have known Kalahi since our high school days at the very prestigious State House Girls High School.I was a year ahead of her and she was in a group with 4 other girls if my memory serves me right.(forgive me it was a long time ago!)She used to sing soprano and it was really nice listening to her during Chapel services.(State House alumni,you remember,right?)

Fast forward to 2015 and this beauty who is also an alumni of Sauti Academy decided to be a full time artiste which is one of the best decisions she has made for her career.Her voice has body and range and when she sings it is like taking a sip of delicious red wine and savouring it in your mouth before letting it slide down your throat and down to your stomach.Simply divine!

Kitunguu is her first studio release,produced by Fancy Fingers otherwise known as Polycarp Otieno the guitar player in Sauti Sol.She whetted our appetites with snippets of the song on social media and finally the song dropped with a really interesting lyric video.For those of you who do not know ‘Kitunguu’ is Swahili for Onion.The song says it all-if you are with someone who makes you cry all the time you are dating an onion…so LEAVE!

What I love about this song is the build up from the first verse.The lyrics are written in such a way that you can tell there was a thought process behind them.Her intro draws you in immediately and I like how the song starts,no intro of your producer or director of the video or random shouts or some generic beat.Then comes in the first verse and the chorus which is very catchy.I especially love the bridge,favourite part of this song for me.

A wise decision she made is to sing her very first song in Swahili.Already that makes you accessible to a wider audience pool than if you choose to sing in English which translates to some  as you being bougie.For a first song the writing is really good,keep it up.The main theme is not lost and the lyrics are easy enough to remember.As a producer I loved that Fancy Fingers challenged Kalahi because I can here dips and lifts in the song which really does stretch an artist’s full potential.However there is room for alot more growth,I feel like she can still hit some very high notes .Also unless I am wrong this is Fancy  Fingers first artist and I feel like he also played it safe,you have something there sir,take a risk,I have a good feeling about you.

Allow me to take a minute to explain why other artistes should be scared.This girl is serious about her career!Whenever she is set to perform at any event she creates a buzz around it.I remember attending an event just because how many of her posts I kept seeing on my News Feed.Before her single dropped she was releasing videos,pictures of her with her band,photoshoot,studio sessions,yaani we were waiting eagerly!

The song drops and there she is again telling you where to get the song(on Mdundo by the way),sends people a link to the lyric video on whatsapp and also does an acoustic to the song on her channel.Oh did I forget to mention that her pictures look GOOD.Leaves you wondering how come some that have come ahead of her have no recent photos of themselves.Shout out to Armstrong Too,beautiful pictures from him.Shaz her stylist is also doing a good job of telling us who Kalahi is through her styling.Interesting fact,Kalahi does design some of her outfits, I have seen her live and I must say she does have an eye for detail.Every artiste needs a dream team like hers.

Kalahi has a band and what I love is how in sync they are.There is no doubt that she is in charge but she does it in such a way that everyone’s strength shines through.This girl is going places and I can’t wait to see where her music takes her.I know that she is working on a love song and I can hardly wait.

Applause for Miss Kalahi!Check out the lyric video below.

Yours truly,



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