Today we have a guest writer who goes by the name of Ted Pot.He is a music enthusiast and is particularly knowledgable in the field of hip-hop.He also has a blog The One Potter and I consider him as a man who knows how to use words to say things in the most creative manner possible.Introducing Ted Pot:

To be honest, I’ve never really listened to most of Wangechi’s music before today. The first and last time I heard her was on the Ligi Soo remix and boy did she kill that track. So when the track was mentioned to me I had some expectations which had to be met. Cardiac Arrest does the exact opposite, it gives you a reason to look forward to a better tomorrow.

Wangechi’s style is very unique and her mastery of a language most people have struggled to express themselves creatively in (English) is more than impressive, it’s expressive. Wangechi’s flow and lyrics do more than just entertain; they make you yearn for more. Listening to Cardiac Arrest is reminiscent of Cassidy making his comeback after his accident.(Refer to his album B.A.R.S-The Barry Adrian Reese Story)

So why should you watch this video or listen to the song? Well, I have a summary reason; it’s pure creativity and as Dr. Dre would put it, “Gives you eargasms.” You can tell a thought-out song from a track written in traffic. Wangechi puts down her bars with more intention just churning out a track and proving she can rap over a beat in English. She wrote lyrics that have a message that people across different demographics can relate to.

What makes an Emcee is the ability to write timeless music and accompany it with an equal measure of flow. Wangechi accomplishes this in her first line, “Been through a different kind of fire but it didn’t burn .” If the track stopped after that line, I wouldn’t mind, I’d just reload the page and listen to it all over again. The chorus is melodic and has a mellow flow balancing the aggressiveness in the rap.

The use of the wheelchair in the video as a prop is something that can’t go unnoticed. Just like Cassidy, who used his accident to make a club banger-(My Drink n My 2 Step) ,Wangechi has used her tribulation to show hope and probably give rappers who are on their lyrical death beds hope that nothing stands in the way of determination.

Ludacris, in one of his tracks, said there’s nothing new under the sun and Wangechi blends lyrics used  before to make her track even more relatable. Why would she cop someone’s lyrics? The greats have done it, Jay Z borrowed lines from Biggie’s music and it enhanced his flow. For Wangechi the line, “I go to the left where nothing’s right and go to the right where nothing’s left” speaks to different audiences because we all have our low moments.

Wangechi is the embodiment of a true Emcee. I’d use Femcee but that would only relegate her to a specific league. Her skill warrants her to take on the best Kenyan rappers bar for bar on any track. Hip hop just like most classy trends are an acquired taste and once you’ve warmed up to it you can warm up to Wangechi’s music like I am. I know I’m probably some months or years late to the bandwagon but there’s always space for one when it comes to good music.

Wangechi also looks like someone I’d crush on so I will definitely be keeping tabs on anything new she puts out, even if it’s eyebrows.

Yours truly

Ted Pot



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