The Kansoul (Kid Kora, Madtraxx and Mejja) feature Nameless who is a legend in their new club banger, ‘Moto wa kuotea mbali’ – This directly translates to burning fire that should not be played around with but in this context take it as’too hot to handle’. The Kansoul is on fire, how else could this be put across if not by fusing a legendary sound with a modern one. The Kansoul are a rather hip Kenyan boy band that have unique chemistry within themselves thus producing hit after hit and clearly, the best is yet to come.

Moto wa kuotea mbali is a huge success thus far and will not fade anytime soon. Nameless is rich. Rich with talent and diversity. After ‘Butterfly‘ Nameless, who is a multiple award winning act from Kenya merges his craft with the Kansoul who are acquiring the legendary status by the day. His unique husky voice breaks the ice after a Kansoul chorus and a Madtraxx introduction. His flow is on point. How he starts you’d think this is one of those  Ogopa  diss tracks until you realize this is a song that is commanding respect.’ Respect your elders,I started singing when you were still in diapers!’ That is Nameless for you.

The audio release, just over three months ago, to ‘Moto wa Kuotea Mbali’ was impressive to begin with, boasting the flare and pomp characteristic of most of The Kansoul products we’ve had the pleasure of listening to.  We all know the love Kenyan revellers have for party anthems and tracks that can give you the necessary nudge to get up on your feet and dance. This is a party anthem.

With lyrics such as ‘the way I run this town, you can think that I’m Kale’,.Mejja never fails to represent his hood ‘niko na Umajengo kuliko wale’.Kid Kora is the suave bad boy(listen to his verse) and they were a match made in musical heaven.

The Kansoul seems to have a certain effect they like in their videos.The lighting and the colours are done in a specific way such that silhouettes are the main focus and the lights give off an almost ethereal feel.Refer to this video Drum and Kumerera.The fish eye effect however kills something about the video.There are shots where the girls look lost like they don’t know what to do.Again,director,direct.

The boys bring flare that we have not had since The Kleptomaniacs abandoned us unceremoniously. The energy within them is contagious. Every wrong seems right by this talented trio.

With this piece, any artiste out there trying to compete must up their game a notch higher. Because you never know what the Kansoul will do next. Clearly, wao ni moto wa kuotea mbali.

I spin this!


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