SAINTLY SATURDAYS: ‘Niache Niimbe’ by Pitson


There is a very thin line between inspirational and gospel music. This song is literally on that line. ‘Niache Niimbe’ means ‘let me sing.’. Pitson is a good songwriter and very passionate as it comes off in his music. This song is very rich in terms of content. He is not short of words which makes the song beautiful.

The video employs a subtle way of reminiscing a phrase from his hit song ‘Lingala ya Yesu.’ . This is a creative way of doing that without feeling the need to recount all your song titles.( To understand this better refer to this post). Using children as actors, is also a good way to attract the general audience , good job on that one! In addition to that they actually got the lip syncing perfectly.The rural setting gives a very homely feeling, makes me miss my grandmother, I should call her. The  dancers in African Prints are well choreographed but they are unnecessary and do nothing for the story.

Wardrobe. The wardrobe team in this video deserve a raise. Everyone is so well dressed. Pitson has created a trademark for himself with his captain like outfits. The guys look hip enough to attract the young crowd and decent for the general audience. Pitson,  the hair style is actually interesting , evolution ey. While the shots are crystal clear making it easy to watch , the highlights of his shoes and dazzling outfit are a bore. Seriously, do not feel the need to add glam to your videos to gain traction.

Joy Janice and Bire who feature in the song have amazing voices. Bire has an infectious positive vibe to him.He has some moves that  he is not shy to show off in the last set up with the band. It’s Joy I am worried about. Did she know she was going to be in the video or did you randomly call her from some alone time session? She looks bored and tired. One is left to analyze her clothes and hope for a better scene. When I first heard the audio , I was excited that finally a lady with a good voice, passionate and a worshiper is arising. We need a new generation of the Kambuas and the Marion Shakos. But Tiger the director should have seen her lack of excitement and addressed it.

Again the scene with the trio screams confusion. It’s like they were not sure where to stand. Some direction  perhaps. A subject , in this case an artist, should only have to think of his performance not direction. Tiger changamka! The band looks good in their colour co-ordinated outfits and the dance moves. Pitson has somehow managed to keep his lingala feel in an impressive way.

Bruce Odhiambo and Mike Mclafflin,the sound engineer and producer respectively , came together to make this song. They use a live band which means that this song can be performed without the horror of a playback. Investing in sound goes a long way. In a world where the audience is appreciative of good quality sound Pitson is among the few who will survive.

Let us talk about the elephant in the room. This is not a gospel song. Neither was ‘Lingala ya yesu’ nor ‘Kilele’. These are all inspirational songs, which are okay , but are not gospel songs. There is only one phrase that indicates this is a gospel song and that is in the 1:54 minute. Pitson seems to have the best intentions with the industry and he has come a long way since background vocalist days. What he needs is some guidance and he will survive the industry.

Your thoughts?


Here goes the video.


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