MUSHY MONDAYS : ‘Dejavu’ by Otile Brown


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Mushy Mondays are tricky. You are supposed to be pursuing the week’s goals while evaluating your weekend mistakes. Therefore, this being the day of love at theBar , I usually look like a loonie at the office ooohing and aaaawing at music videos. Sue me!

My guilty pleasure is one Otile Brown. Brother, where have you been? He is an exciting breath of fresh air and eye candy who has more to him than meets the eye.  Otile is in the league of Diamond, Ali Kiba and the rest of the bongo flavour artists who make our legs melt and give the guys pickup lines. The song ‘Dejavu’ is beauty, creativity and finesse put together to make a Loveshake. I just came up with that one. He opens the song telling his loved one that she is beautiful  and there is no need for her to use aesthetics to enhance her beauty. He assures her of his love and when he sees her it’s  ‘Dejavu’ . Reminds me of John legend’s ‘You and I’.  He also vows to fight each temptation and promises to not step out on her. Music to our ears.

The video, whose location is at the coast, is good. Dr.Eddie the founder of Dreamland Music Empire is a sucker for quality and he has his track record to prove it. This song joins the list of ‘Tobina’ , ‘ System ya Kapungala’ and ‘Kiriro’ that he successfully produced. The video echoes the storyline depicted by the audio; the story of a young man lovestruck and  hellbent on proving his love to his lady. The director who chose to follow the two individuals throughout the day, goes to prove that simplicity and honesty is the way to go. Go ahead and write it on a sticky note and put it on your bathroom mirror. That perspective of showing a simple man just trying to make a living was also very catchy.

DME must have invested a fortune in equipment as this video raises the bar (see what I did there) in the industry. Must I add that the fact that the wardrobe and make up departments in music videos continue to impress. Good job! You make a Dera dress look good. The change of clothes blends in perfectly with the environment making the song timeless. Speaking of which, this guy reminds me of T.I.D. However, there are sporadic rain effects throughout the video. Was that intentional or it happened and you decided to go with it? Whichever the case it is very distracting. A friend once told me that  one can either be an ACTOR OR AKTOR. These lovely ladies’ ‘akting’ is rather interesting. Whatever rocks your boat!

This song is a definite hit and as we wait for the remix tomorrow, we can only hope for more amazing songs. The minute Otile blows up there is no telling how far he could go. Oh! One more impressive thing, as I went through the comments, I noticed that he has an audience of people in their prime. That is hard to achieve.

Your thoughts?

Nyambura Nyawira.

Here goes the video.


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