le band If you are as clueless as I am about the group ‘Le Band’ fear not.I have done a bit of sleuthing and dug up some information.The group Le Band describes their genre of music as Afro pop.Listening to their sound I cannot help but think that it is rather far fetched to be named such.(Sidebar-so when you think about it what really is the definition of African music?I digress)

Back to the boys.This is a group of 6 young men who all look to be below the age of 25 thus attracting a certain demographic with their music.They have been in existence musically since the year 2014 and came into the limelight with their cover of Sam Smith’s Stay with Me.They have 3 songs to their name-‘Kantai’,’Heartbeat to the Soul’ and ‘Sweet Paradise’.

I came to know about this song from another artiste Kalahi.I was curious to see what would be in store and so this morning I listened to the song.More than 5 times.Sadly my ears just could not adjust to  this song.First of all what is the song about?Well apparently the boys are looking for a diva to fill them inside.Not my words,but theirs.

First of all if I am to speak about the songwriting I can see where they were going with it but it didn’t do well.The lyrics are complex and not catchy.I had to go to the lyric video( which in my opinion was just too messy) to figure out what they were saying.

About the arrangement of the song I like that it was mostly acoustic and voice.However it’s nothing to write home about.I feel like the bass of the first vocalist sounds forced.The second vocalist does much better but his verse does him no favours.I think the chorus is the easiest part to sing along to.

On to the video.I am sorry guys,but what was I seeing?What is the story?I get the angle you were trying to work here but to someone who just wants to chill out and relax this does nothing for them.The camera movements I can say were creative but why is the overall picture blurry?Is that what you were going for?A dreamy look like paradise?If so thumbs up.

Then I noticed some people who I choose to call extras.Surely where have you seen someone selling fruits outside the house on the ground(aki I could count like 5 bananas and 3 oranges)WHY?Why is he there?Then a househelp emerges from nowhere at the end and all the couples go to listen to some guy strumming a guitar under a tree.I won’t say anything about the wardrobe that was obviously the talent’s own.Peke Yetu Productions can only take you so far.

E world Pictures you can only get better with time and lots of practice.I notice in your description there was more than one director,maybe that’s where the problem is.Please also note that  the ordinary viewer has no time to explore your artistic thought so think about that.

Anyway your feedback is appreciated.Comment at the bottom of the blog post.

Here is the video.


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