Hello guys,so as promised Wild Card Wednesdays is here to spring suprises on you.For this first instalment the spotlight is on Mercy Njoki.I stumbled upon her while going through Richard ‘Astar’ Njau’s Facebook Feed.The link was clicked and I stepped into a project that can only be described by me as ambitious.52 weeks.52 songs.1 new song every week.

Yup,you heard me!This young woman embarked on this project of uploading a song on soundcloud(http://soundcloud.com/themnproject) every Monday at 8AM.She also committed herself to producing video blogs every week explaining what was going on when she was writing her song,the inspiration behind it,giving you a taste of the studio sessions and also a quick teaser of the song.

Her first song was Impossible written by Rigga and produced by Jaaz Odongo.For an introduction to her sound that was a good job.Over time she has won me over with her consistency, positive energy and her purpose which is “To be a recognised voice of truth, hope and soberness, among young professionals, specifically women in Kenya, Eastern Africa and eventually Africa.” – Mercy Njoki #theMNproject #CTA101.

What is fascinating about this project is the thought that goes into her music.For you to have a video blog consistenly explaining the work behind it shows that this is an artiste who cares for and invests in her craft.The video blogs are simple,the picture clear,the sound good.She has released a few of her music videos and so far so good.One worth checking out is ‘Natafuta‘.The video ‘I’m making music’ is shot inside a car with her husband Astar driving and both of them singing along to the song.Even that tells a story.You don’t need a big budget to tell a story. Even  a good quality phone  can shoot a video.See here.

A producer that she has worked with alot is Gideon Kimanzi and the proof is in the pudding.A really good track that  I would recommend which he produced is ‘Tulia na Imani’.Mercy Njoki can get your head bumping and get you dropping to your knees in worship with such wisdom and grace it is ridiculous more people have not heard of her.

In addition to being a singer she is a psychologist by profession and tackles various issues on a section called ‘Conversations with Mercy Njoki’.She has a very sober headed approach to tackling issues and comes across as someone you would like to talk to about anything.

In addition to that Mercy has videos of her live performances which proves that she really is an artist worth her salt.Another interesting thing to note is the collaborations that she has on this project.She has had artists write songs for her,friends (who are also artists) sing on her records and really tried to work with different producers to always keep you waiting for something new and fresh.What some artists have been trying to master in 10 years she has seemed to understand in less than a year.This can only be accomplished of course by having a goal in mind and putting a team together that will help you achieve this.

The MN project is under CTA 101(Cleaning The Airwaves) which is an initiative to promote positive content on all media platforms.This is a partnership that works  for both parties :CTA gets content and Mercy Njoki  gets publicity for her music.This is an important lesson for artistes, to know who they are and what or who they want to be associated with.

Notice also that I have not mentioned that she is not a gospel artiste.I don’t know whether that is a good thing or a bad thing but it does show that good music has no boundaries and it cuts across age,gender,social standing and even religion.I have so many questions for her as I am sure many of you will after finishing reading this,we hope to interview her soon.

Mercy Njoki is an artist to watch.Here is the link to her channel.Here is the video to Tulia na Imani.Have a look at her channel.


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