mercy masika

Mercy Masika started singing at the age of seven and had an album under her name at eleven.Her christian background lay a good foundation for her. She has grown right before our eyes, that is how you know you are old. Her song ‘Mwema’ which means ‘good’ is a confession that ‘God is good.’ Mercy has done a couple of good songs and even after a five year break she still has it. The break was actually good for her. She has come back mature, more passionate and even more driven.

The song written by Mr.Vee makes my sleepless nights thinking over what song to critique worth the trouble. Mr.Vee  is a performing artist as well as an avid song writer and a good one for that matter. Yes. Finally! Where was I? Yes.The song was inspired by a situation Mercy describes as a learning lesson. A situation that saw her forgo comfort for another person to have good health. How noble! But what about  the  Bible verse about not letting the right hand know what the left did?

This song is a profession of love to God, a thanksgiving for giving his Son for us. She talks of how she cannot contain her praise to God. Let me tell you why this song is hard to critique, it is perfect. This is a GOSPEL song. It ignites a fire of worship and adoration to God. It is a song that would be perfect for a praise and worship session. Speaking of which, did you know that this songbird is in the praise and worship team at the Jubilee Christian Church Nairobi? Now you know. Which brings me to her vocals, this lady can sing Iraq to peace. She carries you with her vibratos like Irish liqueur on ice on a hot sunny day. Wrong context? You get the point. This can be attributed to years of training, remember the 10,000 hours rule?

The video setting is nature inspired with glimpses of animals in the wild, I totally liked the bush baby. It was a good actor, better than some I could mention. The day and night concept was good, one problem; the flashes of light at night did not work, I am sorry. Then the lip syncing at some points backfired really badly!Editing department look into that. Wardrobe was mediocre, much thought did not go into it. The black ankle boots with gold straps and blue dress did not work. There should have been colours that are neutral to blend in with nature.

On the upside, the Director of Photography is one hell of a genius,the picture was just too beautiful to look at. This video, in that kind of setting, would have been beautiful in black and white. With an enchantment theme of sorts, take a risk. This song is a decent way to come back. However, please step out of your comfort zone. Do something that will take you to the next level. Employ versatility. You have mentioned numerous times that you get inspiration from God and situation , dig deep , it’s right there.

Be Well

Nyambura Nyawira.

Here goes the video with an impressive 421,711 views.

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