Mushy Mondays: ‘Heartbraker’ by Amani.



Heartbreak is a devil in itself. The all-time love story, Romeo and Juliet, is built on heartbreak. Heartbreak inspired Sharon Mundia to start a blog and now Chris Kirubi is her boy. You see heartbreak changes the course of history. Well, not all heartbreaks, because this song does not. I first heard Amani’s music when I was in primary school and I thought she was feisty and sexy. Back then she used a lot of Kikuyu in her songs that had everyone singing along despite not understanding a word. That was then, now she is desperately holding on to what she used to be. Man this industry is something else!

The song is about her convincing her lover that she is not a heart breaker as his friends may want to insinuate. That she desires him and only wishes he would know her better. Where do we start? The beat is so redundant and boring, Ngai! Yaani, people are incorporating live bands in their recording sessions and you are still using computerized beats. The auto tune does not help at all.

The lyrics are not captivating. Her opening phrase ‘Diamond in the rough…’ is sung thirteen times during the song. I counted. This is because it is the intro and the bridge. I think I am going to start a songwriters club. In the second verse ‘…so are you man enough to come and hit me up…’ Hit me up means -a way of getting connections, demand something or call someone. With the assumption that the latter was the context let us try this again, ‘…So are you man enough to come and call me up…’ If he comes why does he need to call? Let me just end the lyrics talk here.

D.S.I dance crew is super talented. Their performances during Sakata Season 4 and 6, mind blowing. So what the hell was the choreography in the video? The moves remind me of the cool kids from Nairobi in high school. Was that the intention? Keeping it old school? This is why Amani sounds and looks the same, which is a good thing if we are talking physically, but artistically it’s bad. She needs some serious evolution. Move with the times. Secondly, the section where you danced with the boys against the wall in a straight line made you look like you are competing with them. Take two steps forward and work it. You are the star; it draws all the attention to you.

Enos Olik , I love the concept. Abstract setting which lets the viewer’s mind wander. The black and white theme combined with sepia  created a beautiful scene. The dreamy sunset scene at the Serengeti, pure perfection. Enos is good with technical but he is no storyteller, at least not in this video. There is a bit where Amani shook her head so hard I was scared for her hairline. Direction Olik, discuss this with the artist beforehand. Amani is a very classy lady and that is the image she has sold for years. Keep away from the shorts and high-low hoodie dresses. The dress you wore while sitting in the chair like a ‘baus’ (that’s for effect) worked very well.

One last thing, this video had the potential to have a beautiful story. If only there was a well written script, with even better actors and a creative director so that we live in the moment this song creates. Amani it’s okay to dance in videos but if music trends are anything to get by , richer story lines backed by outstanding lyrics are your only way out. Evolution baby girl. Evolution.

Your thoughts?

Nyambura Nyawira.

Click on the link below to watch the video and be sure to share your thoughts in the comment section.


3 thoughts on “Mushy Mondays: ‘Heartbraker’ by Amani.

  1. I think the video quality is amazing but surely Amani looks like she is trying too hard to move with the times.There is a particular leg dance thing that irritates me and she does it.Why Amani?You have worked so hard to claim your place as queen but now you are behaving like a rock instead of the diamond you sing about.
    Then these dancers could have been dressed.The song has some dancehall feel and I am very sure it would have been easy to dress them.
    why are you singing about being a Heartbreaker at your age and stage in life?I just can’t.


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