Fena Gitu

Miss Fena Gitu is not just your run of the mill musician.She has a voice that you can’t ignore-husky and smooth at the same time like good whiskey..She has collaborated with artists like Kagwe Mungai,Wangechi,Karun and most recently Sauti Sol. If you give a listen to each one of these songs you can hear how diverse she is.From singing back up for Muthoni the Drummer Queen to now doing her own thing I can say she is going places having already been featured in Coke Studio and Airtel Jam sessions.To date she has 4 singles(without collaborations)- ‘Fenamenal woman’,’Jabulani’ ‘Brikicho’ and ‘African King’. By now I am sure you are  familiar with her so now let’s talk about the song ‘African King’.

I remember being in love.Feeling like your heart will jump out of your chest.Wanting to burst into song at random.Smiling like an idiot.If you have never felt that way I pray you do.It’s like being high on a substance(I won’t say which one).Listening to the song African King makes me feel happy.Makes me want to dance.I am not sure who produced the song but they did a good job.The video was done by Mushking Fx who has done 2 videos with her namely ‘Jabulani’ and ‘Dutch’.

When the beat drops you could be mistaken for thinking this is a South African song.Then she starts singing and you know its our Fena. The chorus is a song we 90s babies used to sing when we were doing singing games…’Nampenda penda nani?Kijana mmoja nani?Aii silali,aii sikuli…’which means -‘I love somebody.A boy.I can’t eat,I can’t sleep…’

The first verse walks us through how Fena and her handsome African beau met.She admits in the bridge that she doesn’t know whether it’s love or infatuation but she loves the sensation.Nice use of the stylistic device – rhyming.(8-4-4,remember that?)

Fena further goes on to talk about his qualities saying how she always feels protected with this man who is described as her African Jack Bauer.The way she describes this African man makes you want to see him for yourself(coffee skin like kahawa,big brown eyes…)

Even if she is not seeing anyone at the moment she has made me believe that she is in love.She sounds smitten and perhaps this song was just but a tip of the iceberg of what she really truly feels.I think this song is a hit because of that infectious sound and a really catchy chorus.Each verse is like a stand alone story on its own which for me is a huge plus.On the songwriting angle she has done really well with this one.

Now let’s go to the video.

I like how crisp the images are.The colours are so rich and it feels like I can touch the images(HD quality).I love the representation of this African men especially the little boy,so cute.However dear reader you may be deceived into thinking that all African men look like Shaka Zulu.Contrary to popular belief some are tall but skinny,others are short and chubby…but I digress.Give me an African man anytime!

Just a few things though.There is this annoying almost nauseous movement of the camera at some points.I notice it in many rap videos and club bangers,this was not necessary here.Then there is a point where the lights flash really quickly,I assume as a transition.If you have epilepsy please don’t watch this.Even I was rendered blind for a few seconds.The main subject Fena though looked so happy in the video,I found myself smiling throughout the video.She seems to be really enjoying herself which is what gives that video life.

What endears me to this song is that there is so much negative content out there about our men and this song does differently and praises them for being there, for making us women feel protected.To all the good men out there this is for you.

A toast to Miss Fena.

Check out her channel ‘Fena Gitu’.Here is the video.

Yours truly,



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