Alison II

The first time  I met her, she was auditioning for the main role at Phoenix Players Theater for the musical ‘Pirates of Nairobi’ ( an adaptation of the legendary ‘Pirates of Penzance.’) and she got it. Well this comes as no surprise as she has the voice of an angel and warm personality to go with it. We at theBar are very passionate about new players in the music industry and this is one very promising talent.

World Meet Alison.

Alison Nyawira is an artist in her late twenties and a force to reckon with. She has two songs that are readily available on mdundo.com. If the two songs are anything to go by we can categorize  her as a gospel artist. Her song ‘Nimeamua’ (I have made up my mind) is a pledge to put away all our fears and stand for what we believe in. A decision to be who God wants us to be as he is our King and he cares for us. Beautiful song. Alison has a very soft sound and her vocal range is out of this world.Her vibratos are well intended and come naturally . There is a maturity to her voice that makes one sit up and pay attention. The sound which was recorded live is music to our ears , pun intended.

The songwriting is a mash up of inspiration and gospel music which is a hard balance to strike.The verses marry well into each other building up to the bridge and even stronger outro. This song that is written in Swahili has a couple phrases where she opted to use ‘sheng’ which means that this song will resonate with the audience in their prime as well as the young audience. She also sells a very a fierce personality in her well done vocal eruption interludes between the verses.

Alison who has had vocal training at Sauti Academy is proof that despite one having talent, it needs to be honed to achieve the best it can. In addition to that, she has had years of practice as she has featured in numerous productions ; the aforementioned ‘Pirates of Nairobi’ where she worked with the very talented Kaz Lucas who was the music director. She also toured Europe with big names like singer and Radio Personality Patricia Kihoro ,  Tusker Project Fame Season 4 contestant Amileena among other artists in the musical OutofAfrica. Did you know that she played ‘Rafiki’ in the musical ‘Simba’ directed by Sahil Gada founder of Hooodwink9 Theater? Fun facts.

Alison will be a hit because of her exposure , versatility and undeniable talent. The world will embrace her because she also stays away from scandal. She needs to do a song with Daddy Owen written by Mr.Vee. She has so much room to grow, let’s wait and see.

Your Thoughts?

Nyambura Nyawira.

Click on the link below to download her song.