Kagwe Mungai,King Kaka together.Hit or a miss,here are my two cents.

Kagwe Mungai is a young man going places,willing to push boundaries and experiment with almost…anything.On this track he decides to create what I am guessing is a club banger with the help of King Kaka.The basic gist of the song is that Kagwe has met an independent girl who has her act together and this is  something that makes him tell this girl to ‘Give it to him'(the actual song-‘Give it to me’).

I notice that this very cute boy really likes to experiment with dancehall vibes having tried this genre in the song ‘Creeper’.He sounds good in the aforementioned song but I cannot say the same for this track.The lyrics are lacklustre but I do notice that he tries to play around with words to tell a story or at least in this context describe the object of his affection.

Skip ahead to King Kaka’s verse…I have no comment about it.However what perhaps Kagwe was hoping to do with having him jump on the verse is to draw a larger audience thanks to King Kaka’s popularity.I am not sure it will work.

The video is nothing special but at least it has a storyline.The girl who has stolen Kagwe’s attention is very pretty and a really good actress but hair and make up might have let her down,hard.Unfortunately it’s not just her.Kagwe has locs(faux or not?No idea) His new look.I am lost for words.Who was doing his makeup? There are shots where he is literally as white as a ghost!The other girls in the video look ok..I get what they were there for but they are very distracting.

To sum it up this song is a disappointment.Kagwe who has produced hits such as Nishike,Selina,and even produced Karun’s album (Sun and Moon) as a producer I am not sure how he thought this would be a hit,especially with the annoying saxophone mixed in with those beats.

Club bangers are tricky you either have it or you don’t and I am not sure this song is one of his finer works.Listen and watch,share your verdict.




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