Saintly Saturdays: ‘Ngori ‘ by Kelele Takatifu


kelele takatifu

My job(s)  usually has me out at very awkward hours around Nairobi. As we all know Nairobi is not short of clubs , every street has a club whose name has been changed thrice in the last two years. On Tuesday it’s some random girl belting out Loliwe, on Wednesday you will catch some DJ shouting ‘ To all the sexy ladies tonight.’ , Thursday I have no idea. Fridays are the funniest , people scream and shout at every song , while girls in short dresses and heels accompanied by young lads in khaki pants and college jackets walk around the streets in what looks like a scene of zombies in the series ,’Walking Dead.’ I can already hear you ask , ‘Where is this headed?’ . Stay with me , it all makes sense trust me. In my vampire walks as I go home , there is a song that I kept hearing . At first I thought it was a club banger , it took a couple of  moments of hearing it that I finally researched on it. The song is by Kelele Takatifu called ‘Itakuwa Ngori.’

Given the diversity of our readers allow me to decipher what that means. ‘Itakuwa Ngori.’ is a phrase in Sheng. Sheng is fusion of Swahili and any other language , most of the time it’s English. In this case the phrase means things might get sticky without Jesus. Kelele Takatifu comprises of Didi and Moji Shortbaba. The duo are so different and it  plays out in the lyrics and even the more vividly in the video.

The song has such a redundant but catchy beat , very upbeat ; any dance move goes with it. Hurraay for all the left feet. The lyrics are very playful with the aim of attracting the young audience . Most of the phrases are used because of the need to rhyme and not the message. No blame on them though. In a  world where any song that has the name Jesus is a gospel song, they are way ahead. This song reminds me of Silento and his song ‘Watch Me.’ So is this a good move to convince the Gentiles to see way of the Lord? It might get them from the club to the church door step.

The video was shot in a single location with their friends given the excitement and chemistry that comes off. Brian Adagala who is the director, created scenarios of those considered heathens and showed how the ‘Ngori’ duo leads them to the light. Totally backfired. That was such a lazy way to do it. If you needed a pick pocketing scene, stage manage one in town on a Sunday night. It always works the county council askaris are never around, trust me.

Lip syncing is hard people . Didi you are totally off, Moji Shortbaba you really tried. Here is the thing just dance or act then let the song be, okay? Now that we have settled that , good job with the wardrobe, it looked very artistic. However, the colour of the video was a bit dull , I feel like more saturation of the colours would have been better. This song is not necessarily a hit but it’s an okay song.


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Your Thoughts ?

Nyambura Nyawira

Check out the video below and be sure to share your thoughts below.


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