Mushy Mondays : A petition for the return of Our Rising Sun.


Dear Ousman,

Hallo buddy ? How are you? Hopeless romantic who was and is still your die hard fan here. Where to start? Do you have new music, specifically love , slow romantic music , something like ‘vip’ or ‘rising sun’? Well let me fill you in on what has been happening since you you last sung.

RnB music is not as big as it used to be. We have a few people holding it down . Avril is as sentimental as they come. She has a few hits here and a couple of misses. Nameless is still wooing the ladies with amazing songs. You cannot believe he is still here can you? Well he is. He recently shocked us when he did a song with the Kansoul. No my spelling is correct. We’ll talk about that later.

Wahu is still there, she is trying. She recently did a song that looked like a  remake of RayC‘s  ‘Ntilie’. Speaking of which remember her rival Amani ? She is still singing, well I think we can call it that. She still has the same energy only that it is  a little misplaced when applied. When she collaborates  with other artists she sounds good and even wins awards.

I have no idea where Big Pin is. I saw him on a selfie ( a self taken portrait that is shared on social media) that was shared by someone on Instagram. But remember the song ‘Talk to you.’ that’s the last I remember of him. Well he did this other song that I will not care to share just to reserve his legacy. He shifted to making club bangers. Epic fail!

Oh I need to tell you about some musicians who you might not know who are our hope of love. There is Sauti Sol who started off as an afro- ‘something’ Kenyan music. There are so many ‘afros’ you would be surprised. Now they keep tossing us through love island and ratchetville and we keep following. There is Otile Brown , now that brother is good you would love him.

What I am saying in so many words is that we need you back.  Sing something sweet , something nice , something slow. One thing though , should you come back , the journey will be tedious. Mr.Lenny tried and it did not work. I have no idea where he is by the way. Why you should come back too is so that you bring back the true meaning of love. It has changed since you remember , well most people meet in  club , then they end up being ‘chipod’ (This is the new sheng word for one night stands, at least the last time I checked), then an artist will do a song about it and get a couple of thousand views.

As I write this, I have been scouting for a song to review in the RnB genre, that was done in the second half of the year and I didn’t find any that caught my attention. I even called a DJ friend of mine and I asked him what love song is a hit and this is what he said, ‘Aki imagine sijui , but si utacome Karaoke Tuesday? (I have no idea but I hope you come for Karaoke on Tuesday?) See what I mean ?

Surprise us. Stay Safe.

Nyambura Nyawira.