I have a confession.No boy ever sent me a letter the whole 4 years I was in high school.Back then I would hate when ‘mails’ would arrive and there were people who got letters from different boys in different schools.There were also the girls who I considered heavyweights and would get mail from their older college boyfriends.The coolest letters were the ones that had your name drawn on the cover with graffitti and trust me even if the letter had no content you always kept such envelopes(probably done by some Art student who got paid a small fee for that artwork).

The song  Barua is basically a throwback track to all of you  who went through the  8-4-4 school system from a girl’s perspective.Monitah basically takes  us through  the letter and her reply to her beau in this song.It’s sweet,it’s cute. Here are my thoughts.

Music is subjective.What I like may not be what you like.Then there are those songs that almost everyone agrees is a good song.I don’t think this is one of those songs.There is a story here which is always a plus.Girl gets a letter from boy and she says how happy she is having received said letter.Tells him how things on her end are and hopes that they meet during the holidays.Lots of hugs and kisses.That’s basically it.

Monitah’s voice has potential but it sounds like it still has room for a lot of improvement.She doesn’t quite hit the high notes and does not finish her phrases.(I was in a musical once and I learnt a thing or two about music).There is a certain type of jazzy feel she is trying to achieve but then it sounds forced.The song is annoyingly repetitive and that also points to another element that needs work-songwriting.

The guitar tune remains the same throughout the  better part of the song.It is so monotonous had it not been for Monitah’s voice and I think the bridge this would have been a total fail.There is a bit where there is a piano softly playing then back to that annoying guitar.

The video.

Very simple.She chose to tell the story with two kids playing in the park and her in school receiving the letter and some shots of her in the park.What I find usually works is to work with a single story then gradually graduate as you get better at telling a story.I actually liked the video though.The picture was soft,light,it was nice to look at.Very laidback feel which I am assuming was the mood created by the song.Monitah you are such a pretty girl,beautiful dimples.I really loved the closing shot with the envelope done up in grafitti.At least if you forget everything else her name will be etched in your mind.

Monitah is a new artist and I believe she has something that just needs a bit more polishing here and there,a bit more courage to hit those notes and a little more fire for her to explode.

Subscribe to her channel Monitah Music.Here is the video to the song.


  1. The good thing about that song is that it identifies with all of us…you either received letters, wrote them or just observed others enjoy their letters…to Monitah, I could always write you a letter to make it up for the four year lol. This is a good review.


    • Hello Muiruri thanks so much for your comment.I (Red) am the one who never got a letter,Monitah is so pretty do you really think she didn’t have a ton of letters to sort through:D,anyway thanks for reading 🙂


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