Editor’s Note:Banging Fridays has been mostly about covering club bangers that have been released in the year 2015.As far as the team is concerned I can’t say that there have been many of those this year(maybe Kenyan artistes are waiting to suprise us).That being said,we decided to still cover popular club anthems- those that have stood the test of time and will still get anyone bumping their head and jumping onto the dance floor.A song that fits this criteria is Kenyan Boy,Kenyan Girl.Released in what can be termed as Kenya’s Golden Era when we had a party known as the Rainbow Coalition and we were rated as one of the most optimistic people on earth...

2004 is the year I did my KCPE.My class had just 12 candidates where the girls outnumbered the boys.I think  was either index 2 or 3.Our school used to have class parties at end of the  term . I distinctly remember us having someone who would hook us up with all the music that was in back then(CDs were your friend).We would be provided with a radio and speakers and an open space.The ‘DJ'( I use this term loosely) had to just press play,forward rewind,stop or pause.Of course we being self conscious would rarely dance in the wide open space in the middle of the room but just dance on the sidelines.

One of the songs that would get us all get excited would be ‘Kenyan Boy,Kenyan Girl’ by an iconic group known as Necessary Noize.The boy was  known as Wyre(Kevin Wyre) and the girl Nazizi(Nazizi Hirji).The song was released in 2004 and trust me when you were riding in a number 15(LGT BABY!) with the speakers threatening to give you hearing loss and a mini heart attack,you felt like a demi god with this song as the soundtrack.

This song is told from the boy’s and girl’s perspective about meeting their Kenyan love interests in Nairobi.Nazizi talks about a boy that she meets on a matatu and I must admit that she has some serious pick up lines.She paints such a picture of this guy such that you can’t help but hope that you meet him or someone similar to him.Wyre then dives in and describes this Kenyan girl how she looks,how she moves…I think every girl who heard this verse wanted to be like that girl…a girl who would capture Wyre’s attention.

The chorus was just so catchy,I can still remember it to this day and that was more than 10 years ago.Ladies and gentlemen that is when you know that you have a GREAT song.The bridge is split into Naz’s and Wyre’s bits and they both sound so good,like individuals but still part of a group.I didn’t understand what Wyre was saying some of the time but who cares?The part I think that everyone would wait for is Nazizi’s shout out to the various matatu routes.I know I got excited when I heard about number 15 being mentioned and being asked to ‘punguza mahewa maze,makarao wako kwa horizon’, reminds me of how loud those matatus used to be such when they passed outside your house your windows would literally shake.

The video copies that I watched seemed not to have synced video and sound but it’s such a good song it’s taken me all these years to discover.This video promoted our world famous matatu culture and was mostly shot in around or outside matatus.The video did a pretty good job of familiarizing us with the CBD back then and neighborhoods in Nairobi.

What never ceases to amaze me with videos in that era was how much fun people used to have in the videos.If it was dancing man everyone including the guys danced.I guess it’s because this was when Kenyan music was new and fresh and hip and run by young people so to have a video was a big deal.You did not have to hire dancers or extras,just call up your friends and their friends,and shoot.Nowadays watching music videos is such a chore because everyone there is bored and can’t wait to get paid (if they are hired extras).I love the grafitti at the end with the duos name on the wall,it’s memorable,it’s cool,it’s them.

What saddens me so much is that music back then was not as filthy and full of cheap thrills the way it is now(with the exception of guys from  Calif records,hehe).The likes of E-sir,Nameless,Amani,Necessary Noize,Mercy Myra et al would make feel good songs that you could even play at a family gathering but nowadays…(Dandia,Mapepo…I rest my case).I am not saying that all the new stuff is bad I just crave the days when Kenyan music rated top in East Africa.

Here is the video(click to watch).

Thank you Nazizi and Wyre for giving us Necessary Noise:)Tuko pamoja kama mabeshte.

Yours sincerely,



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