Ecclesistes 1:14 ‘I have seen everything that is done under the sun,and behold,all is vanity and a striving after wind’.This is the message of the song ‘Vanity’ and I must say after a long period of silence this was a really good way to make a comeback.I have to admit I have been resistant to listening to this song because I feel like I have been relying on the past image of him which was a guy who was all about hype but this song helped me think otherwise.

The song is mostly done in Kiswahili and so let me just try translate for those who may not be proficient in the language.The first verse talks about a man who has everything-money,women,everything at his disposal and so thinks that there is no need for God.The second scenario is of a woman who uses her feminine wiles to get what she wants.The only time she is in church is during Harambees(fundraising) and she has 8 different men to service her lifestyle.She believes there is no God and that her beauty will sustain her.

The bridge’hashtag Nebuchadnezzar,Sauli pia atakueleza’ is about two men in the Bible.The first was a King9read the book of Daniel) who let pride get to his head and declared himself great failing to acknowledge the hand of God in his greatness.God then drove him out of his kingdom and caused him to become mad,reduced almost to an animal that ate grass.The second Saul was a man who was famous for persecuting Christians(read the book of Acts) and on his way to Damascus he met with Jesus and became blind.I know, pretty intense stuff.

This song is mostly a warning to those of us who think that there is no need for a God living as if there is no tomorrow and no one to answer to.All material things will pass away but the Word of God shall remain and we should humble ourselves in regards to that fact.

Pretty strong message if you ask me in what some will call the last days.Really deep too.I am proud of Daddy Owen that after 10 years in the gospel music industry he has come back to the core of the gospel with this track.Any other artist with the same message might not have captured as much attention but this just goes to show that a producer can make or break your career.This song enabled Daddy Owen to launch a tour across the country with other artists  and months after its release it still gets good airplay.The chorus is catchy and the arrangement especially the saxophone makes for easy listening.BGVs(background vocalists) sound really good and gives the song more body,balancing out Owen’s husky voice.

It looks like Daddy Owen or his team really thought alot about the message they wanted to send by shooting at the Nairobi War Cemetery.The truth is that whoever you are whatever you do your inevitable end is in the grave so you had better live a life worthy of God and your fellow man.There is the depiction of the carefree man and the ‘Jezebel’ woman and how they live their lives,shots of people in the countryside working hard with not so many material possessions perhaps to also say that rich or poor without God it is all vanity.

What I don’t like about the video  is the promotion of brands at the beginning-Beats and Blessings University,Loud and Clear Entertainment,Jacky B…I mean really this was necessary because?I take issue with this topic of branding especially with gospel musicians because I feel like you are there to spread the Word not promote a brand.Just incase it’s absolutely necessary shots of said items will do just fine.But that’s a topic for another day.

Overall Daddy Owen I was pleasantly suprised with this song.I hope there is more good stuff in store for us.

Watch the video here.Share your thoughts below.

Yours sincerely,




  1. yes yes I agree…a great song with a heavy message.
    Just thought to note that I understand Pitson wrote the song and I think our artists are now doing a good job in the writing section not forgetting Mr. Vee who wrote the Mwema song by Mercy Masika.

    PS. Thumbs up on your blog.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Tynee we totally appreciate your feedback and you taking the time to stop by. We have done critiques on the artists
      you named above among others. Be sure to dig into our archives you are assured of good time. Thanks Again.


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