Mushy Mondays – ‘Bebi bebi (baby baby)


Have you ever been on your dream date that leads to an all glam destination wedding and three children with a man who does not even know your name? He ushered you in the lift and in your 52 seconds ride to the 13th floor , you built a life together.That is the plot Atemi sets in this song. Her ability to appeal to all masses  and maintain her niche market is admirable. ‘Bebi-bebi’ is a confession of a lady’s love to this man she met by chance and the beautiful life ahead they have ahead of them.

The video has done  well to depict various aspects that were important among them, the shoes Jon Doe is wearing are nothing to die for. Here is the weird thing about the universe, everyone is beautiful in their own way the only difference is one could be wearing a worn out pair of Reebok shoes (we call the ‘Reeboko’ where I come from) and the other is rocking hot pair of Nike sneakers. I digress. This video also shows that time is the only difference between that guy who you do not care for and him being a prince charming.

The setting is very romantic. The fireplace , two glasses of wine and a book. Dream date! To top it up they have a wedding proposal , shoddily done , but at least she says yes. Well she has to it is her fantasy.  I know the going down on one knee is cliche but it would have been better. If we are thinking outside the box, how about having it inside the book and choreograph it in a way that it does not fall off. On the wedding day, who are the extras? They looked so bored like they ordered not to breathe during the shoot. It also seems that one of the ladies showed the abominated but crack and the editor blurred that bit or tried to. The guy was slouching in his chair , it’s a wedding! I have only attended one wedding as a guest (tons as a photographer) and I ululated like the African I am after she got the ring. All they needed was a show of a little excitement. But this is not on the artist’s problem but the casting and the creative director.

Atemi has a way with lyrics. She will have sheng (I will use this word often as Kenyan music heavily relies on it ), English and Swahili in one phrase and it will blend in together beautifully. She also stepped away from her Afro-zone (don’t look it up , I just made it up) to the RnB and it she fits in perfectly. This is called diversity for all those artist who have done the same thing through three presidential eras. Her voice that can do no wrong carries one through the song so beautifully and her vocal prowess comes off even better in her ad libs.

R-kay had started to disappoint but he redeems himself in this song. The sound’s clarity is breathtaking and  Aje Films, Taurus Musik and Pine Creek Records did justice to the video. To all the lovers , this one is for you. I totally sound like on MC on a ‘reggae nite’. This can also be added to your wedding playlist.

Your thoughts?

Nyambura Nyawira.

Here is the video:


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