Banging Fridays are very interesting to cover. Our editor, also a contributor, asked me to handle this week’s critique. I am such a sentimentalist (add that to the list of words I coin) so this was new ground for me,but there is a first for everything. Zonda and I share that. His first video is called ‘Don’t fall in Love.’ The second I heard it Donald from South Africa came to mind. This song is a man telling a girl that in as much as he enjoys her company he is not keen on falling in love and warns that she shouldn’t either , honesty much ?

The lyrics to the song are a simple and classy fusion of English and Swahili and it ends up sounding so urbane. His vocals are really good , ten points to Sauti Academy. His voice reminds of Donald as well. I cannot tell whether his voice will sound the same with a live band. It sounds good and seductive , am I allowed to use that word to describe a voice? He hits admirable lows in the bridge and that is when he really stands out. However there are bits where I feel that he is trying too hard and it can easily put one off.

The video gives off the morning-after way-too-many-tequilas-and-bad-choices vibe.The girl is still in bed after a steamy night. Why do they stay over though? I tend to think that leaving after the deed avoids the awkward conversation in the morning when a girl expects breakfast and the guy is wondering what to do with you. Back to the song, the girl is seen to be taking things way too seriously and even ends up snooping on his phone which leads to a fight. There was no build up to that fight though. It felt like something was missing. The girl threw a pillow but later there was a lamp stand that was on the floor as well. The bulb should have broken if it was knocked over , although that was not seen. The aftermath of the fight was  too neat, too unrealistic.

The steamy scenes. Surely? If you are going to kiss someone kiss the daylights out of them or just hug. The sex scenes or what was purported to be did not sell it at all. Again too neat. Which begs the question was the girl comfortable in the car scene? First she is taller than the guy , which is fine , but then her legs are stretched out to the pedal it gets scary. She would have sat on him or something. This was also an unsuccessful steal from Donald’s ‘Crazy But Amazing’ video.

The audio to this song sets Zonda apart given it’s his first single. It will definitely earn him the ladies’ love but the video fell short. The technique of the video is impressive but the story line is lost. This then brings us back to the question, Now that we seem to have very good crew members is there room for creatives to complement the good shots? Story for another day. All in all, what a way to break into the market. There is no limit to where you can go. Go on live up to your name (see the meaning of Zonda here) , pun intended.

Your Thoughts?

Nyambura Nyawira.

Check out the song below.




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