SAINTLY SATURDAYS : ‘NEVER GIVE UP ON GOD’ by Rev Kathy Kiuna feat Chevelle Franklyn


This song takes the 2015 cup of best collabos yet. Chevelle Franklyn is a gospel reggae powerhouse and when she is put in studio with the worship songbird , only the best can come of it. The intro is so catchy , I played it 17 times in under five minutes. Go Chevelle! The reggae tune is so good  and it is  also good to see Kiuna step out of her comfort zone and  kill it. Say what you want about Kathy Kiuna but she can sing , and well for that matter. Her songs are usually very deep and this does not fall short. These two bring together rich content that makes the roughly 4 minutes a good investment of your time.

The song talks about how we should never give up on God. How the struggle is all part pf the process. That  God is refining you for the better that by the time He is done , He who keeps His word, will be with you.Can I get an Amen? It creates a perfect atmosphere for worship and the BGVs are really good as well. Good job JCC Studios given this is an in house production.

Now let’s talk about the video. It was clearly shot at Kathy Kiuna’s house. My oh my , that house looks like a resort. Allow me to laugh, talk about lanes! Anyway , the house looks amazing and the pool creates a sort of born again pool party theme. The video has been graced by the creme de la creme of the gospel , including the power couple Size 8 and DJ Mo , whose scene in this whole spectacle  is unnecessary. Then what is the story ? I am so lost. This feels like a bunch of people who stood around a swimming pool, starring Kathy Kiuna and all they did was dance. What was the significance of the children in the pool? Christian Collins , who is the director what is it with the ‘Diva ‘ moments the pastor is having? I understand why she is adored, ok,honestly I don’t, but it’s not about her , right? What do I know?

The dance scenes, yawa please Rev do not dance like the young ones. It looks odd , the sway in minute 3:18  is good enough. I know there is a need to be the cool ‘mum’ but it looks like you are trying too hard. The dancers ought to have done better , for a moment it looked like a jam session after church. Before I forget the wardrobe team did so well till they dressed Rev as an old school pop idol. It was shocking at first but I will let you  have the last word. This is a good song mainly because Chevelle’s credibility speaks for itself , I would not say the same for Kathy, Kenyan bloggers have been nothing but brutal to her. What do you think?

Your Thoughts?

Nyambura Nyawira.

Check out the video below.