Kevin Gachago

Gachago wa Maito? ( that is Kikuyu for ‘ hallo brother from another mother.’ ) Gachago or as he prefers Happy Kelvin Gachago is an Afro Fusion Artist who is very diverse and very exciting I must say.  A self taught percussionist, drummer, Artist, Performer, Song writer and vocalist, who draws inspiration from the great Lokua Kanza.

The song ‘Ni Wewe‘ was done months ago and it  still sounds fresh every time you listen to it. ‘Ni wewe‘ is Swahili for ‘It is you.’ The lyrics are a melding of English , Swahili and Kikuyu. Every time an artist decides to use their mother tongue in a song two things could happen ; alienate those who do not speak the language or attract the masses who do  not understand a thing you are saying but  love the song. The latter happened for Gachago.

In the song he serenades a girl who loves him . He compares her to a jingle that is constantly in his head, the sun that lightens up his heart , a blessing from God and that is just the tip of the iceberg. He will carry you with his lyrics throughout the song and it’s a worthy ride.The instruments in this song had me downloading an eBook to learn more about instruments ,it does help that he is an established Percussionist.There is nothing more beautiful than an artist who can play an instrument beautifully and have amazing vocals to complement that. He has powerful vocals that  were not fully exploited.He had one ‘wow’ moment but that is just about it. He ends up paying more attention to the instruments and falls short of sharing his vocal prowess.

Using the three languages overshadowed, well sort of , the fact that some of the lyrics were redundant. More would have been done with the lyrics.Get songwriters to help develop an actual story and this will also add flesh to the song making it better for music lovers.Gachago has a Bruno Mars feeling to his sound, not the randy constantly fondling his unmentionables Bruno , No, the sweet ‘You are amazing ‘ Bruno. This will help him win over the ladies and all the hopeless romantics.  I also noticed that he does the cafe’ performances and history has shown that the best artists in the world started out performing at coffee shops. The video needs to be mind blowing as he has already set the standards with the audio. His future in the music career looks promising , Gachago take it away!

Your Thoughts?,

Nyambura Nyawira.

Click below to have a listen to the song


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