suzanna 2Wamosou duto.Nyingi ng’a Amondi.An Nyalego.Amor romo kodi.WAMIEL! 

Translation:Hello everyone.My name is Amondi.I am from Alego.I am very glad to meet you.LET’S DANCE!.

Suzanna Owiyo had me dancing the moment I heard this song.It’s done mostly in Dholuo but I beleive that a good song knowns no boundaries and if it’s good you will connect with it no matter where you are from.I will try my best to translate as much as I can but basically Wamiel means ‘Let’s Dance.’

You can hear the nyatiti ,the drum and the guitar which comes together beautifully to create a very danceable tune.The voices are impeccable and this is a very simple but well done arrangement.Suzanna’s signature voice is simply magic and I feel like she somehow manages to evolve without losing that  charm that we fell in love with in the song Kisumu 100.

The beat is very fast and it is simply impossible to sit down when this is playing.The lyrics say it all from verse 1

Thum kok ochako-The music has just begun

Ere ng’ama konya miel-Who is gonna help me dance

Formula onge*2-There is no formula

Miela miela kar tiendi,formula -just dance on your feet there is no formula

Ango ma moni miel-what’s holding you from dancing

Ang’o ma moni dunyo-what’s stopping you from getting down

Ang’o ma moni yiengo-what’s stopping you from shaking

Ang’o ma moni duso-what’s stopping you from jiggling

*for more translation I can hook you up.This was done by a friend of mine Maureen Atieno.

For a woman who is used to singing about somewhat serious issues such as Sandore,Yamo Kudho,We Kelo Koko Ka this was a nice way of introducing us to her fun side.The song has not received as much airplay as I feel it deserves and I am not sure why.Infact this could be a club banger maybe for the 30 something year olds and above but by virtue that this is Benga it found it’s way here.

Who is responsible for putting the audio together?None other than Fancy Fingers otherwise known as Polycarp Otieno the guitarist from Sauti Sol.Good job and I like that I can tell there is a difference between Kitunguu and this song.What else are you hiding up your sleeve,eh?So far,so good.I wonder if the guitar in this song is him playing.Fancy Fingers managed to blend the sounds so evenly such that there wasn’t any instrument or BGV competing for the limelight and of course keeping Suzanna’s beautiful voice the centre of attention.

The video was done by Enos Olik.Hmm…

There are many questions that I have about the video.So first shot is someone mopping the floor then someone walks in with a chicken.Then next shot is everyone crowded around Suzanna.Then someone brings in the beers then girl in black and white (damn girl,even made ME look) walks by then shot with Suzanna,crowd,guy with chicken.Don’t ask me,even I don’t get it.What seems to be consistent with Enos is that he is really good on the technical angle.Really good.But sir,you are not a storyteller.I feel that you had all the shots you needed but you arranged them wrongly on the timeline.I mean it’s a feel good song,it really should not be that hard but folks let me tell you until you have shot your own work you will never know the struggle.I can show you some of my work,it’s NOT easy but it helps if you have an editor who wants to craft a story.I suspect Enos also edits his videos and that may not be his strong point.

Look closely at this video and tell me you haven’t seen some of these dancers in another video.Maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me.You know what I would have liked?People Suzanna’s age dancing around her.I mean she did a pretty good job of holding her own but it looked like a mom entertaining some very jumpy teenagers.Let’s face it no DJ who is playing in a club will have this in their set if the crowd is say 18-25 years old but 30 year olds….heels will be left behind,weaves will be shaken like there is no tomorrow,the grown and sexy will get DOWN to this one.

I love Susanna’s wardrobe,hair,makeup,girl you are slaying!In short I  love this song and it feels like just as you are really getting into it,it ends. Remember whatever happens life is too short to be taken too seriously,so in the words of the Lake Side Queen Wamiel,wamiela miela.

Yours truly,

Amondi(now you know my Luo name:)

Here is the video.


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