Mention the word the word video vixen and the first thing that comes to mind is a scantily dressed girl with hooters to die for and some serious junk in the trunk , whether they natural or Silicon is none of our business. I hope I live to eighty to see what will become of these Ladies , I use that word loosely , with fun bags and bums enhanced by Silicon and Chicken feed among other chemicals. Sigh.

Video vixens have gone along to become actresses and socialites; the latter is a topic for another day. As much as the society looks down on these girls just trying to make a buck , we would not have a LisaRaye McCoy without her making her debut as a hip hop video girl . Question is do we have video vixens or video hoaxes in Kenya?

vera Sisika

We have both. Vera Sidika is a Video Vixen who progressed to Socialite; progress is very relative. She is among the highest paid vixens in Kenya and she had a breakthrough in the video ‘You Guy.’ I respect her hustle , it is tough for a girl out here. It does help that she went to school so she has made some smart decisions business it is the bleaching , sorry skin lightening,  that  threw us off.


Another Video Vixen Amina Amaru , I have met the girl , she is beautiful . She is very diverse , in one video she is a dress and in the next a lingerie . I have not seen her in a video lately but she has promise to actually make a career out of it. In addition to that, the ladies in the Sauti Sol ‘Nishike‘ video that she also featured in are a good example of Video girls . They live up to the hype , except one of them


To stat us off , the girl with Mudigi in the ‘Nishike’ video failed us with against the wall raunchy scene. It looked choreographed scene and not well executed.Still on the African Boy Band , in their ‘Shake Yo Bam Bam ‘ video there is a duo on the counter who are not doing much. Do body shots or something do not just lie there like an extra playing dead in The Originals. Then there is the girl in the  2:59 minute in the same video, what is your problem? You showed for the video shoot , do your job!

Another hoax is Risper Faith in the Blaqy ‘Money Maker’ . Was there make up on that set ?  The stretch marks are horrendous and before you start with all the , I accept myself the way I am , the world does not especially when you are a video girl.

Body Image

Risper Faith

You see as a video Vixen , you need to invest in yourself. Allow me to refer to Risper Faith , you cannot have what looks like a beer belly and expect to be a success. Two, cellulite is an criminal offense . 3o days Abs and Squats challenge are free to download. Your hair ? Good grief , ever heard of Human Hair ? Who did your make up ; Dracula’s make up artist? That video is bloody disturbing.


Just like any other career you need to brand yourself. You should also have a  team to help you with self image to avoid some catastrophes that we have to endure on TV. You need to be more that just a pretty face and a sexy body. Airheads have no space in this world . Unless you want to be an escort then all you need is a wasp waist and long hair. You need to construct grammatically correct sentences. Know what ISIS means. Understand what economic depression is and its repercussions.  Grab a newspaper and see what is happening. Get a stylist who actually what they are doing .


Finally do not forget to invest . Beauty fades , so invest , invest , invest. Should you decide to crossover to a highly paid escort , who am I to judge. I mean this is the same planet where corrupt leaders roam freely as chicken thieves serve a seven years term.

Your Thought?

Nyambura Nyawira




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