king-kakaThe debate as to what the all time best diss track is between two of the greatest lyricists of all time; Tupac and Nas. The reviews vary depending on your tolerance for personal jibes, lyricism and allegiance to the West Coast or East Coast. Whichever way you side; Ether or Hit em up, Brooklyn took a big L with both disses. I go with Hit Em Up simply because of the bold statement and the rap situation at the time but Ether comes second.

The El nino has brought plenty of carnage and nothing is being left unturned; From government officials financing their dreams through state funds to Sam Nyamweya playing it cool as a whole nation heated up. It’s beef season once again and this time it’s a three way (nothing erotic or French here). Juliani, Khaligraph Jones and Rabbit are going at it to prove who is king. I haven’t mentioned the Duke of Kibera because I haven’t heard anything from him yet.

To properly review this, I’ll cover this beef in a series of posts. It’s not a true beef but rather a lyrical beef because as Rabbit states, he’s vegetarian. I’ll start with the King of Kaka Empire, Rabbit and boy was I impressed. Khaligraph kicked of the process, Juliani fired back and Khaligraph returned salvo. I have to admit, Rabbit had started sounding mainstream and I was losing interest in his music. With tracks like Ugali, I had lost hope that an artist I had once used my jam session money to see would ever get back his touch.

Lo and behold! King Kaka is back with Kionjo. The track kicks off with bars. This is the Nairobi West of diss tracks. He touches on prevailing issues immediately he takes up the mic. Nobody’s spared; thrift shop guru, Waiguru, Slap god, Crème and Mr. None of my business, Bro Ocholla kick off what is definitely a set up for deciding who is King once and for all. He uses metaphors from Science and all those subjects you found boring in school.

Then he drops the first bomb shell, “Some of you mnasleep na presenters ndio chart itop!” I wonder who this might not be Khaligraph. To know how talented this guy is, he related Lowasa’s loss in Tanzania and brought about the story of Betty Bayo’s husband, all in one breath. Then he talks about his musical success and then boom! “Wengine wenyu nasikia hamkumaliza chuo!” This is what rap beef is all about. You need to have the balls to call out people and back up your talk. I’m not sure who among the other three didn’t finish school though, they all look suspect.

The beat compliments his smooth flow and he doesn’t disappoint pulling all the punches that make a great diss track. Radio play is what makes tracks a hit among the masses. Radio presenters should have the three tracks by the artists on threepeat because two times isn’t enough times to decide which track is the best so far. Octo is still quiet probably writing some fire somewhere in a secret lair in Laini Saba but he’d rather take his time than release the garb Meek Mill subjected us to.

This is what the rap scene was missing. The last time there was any worthy rap beef it was between Klepto and Chiwawa which lit up the scene. The rap beef season is back and as long as it remains lyrical, we’re in for a treat.


Ted Pot



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