wanajishukuNonini,Dj Pierra and Chege wanajishuku.For those not familiar with what this phrase means it simply means ‘they doubt themselves’.Well here are two my cents.

This song sounds like it is about people who like to talk about others based on whatever tiny thing they do.Busy bodies.However when Nonini starts rapping the first verse seems to be all about DJ Pierra.Her beautiful physique.Her tiny waist,her behind…this verse implies that people are talking about him and her as a couple.

The next verse does not mention her name but trust me it’s still about her.This is not a tabloid so I will not go into the implications of this song.However if you wanted to write a song about Miss Pierra perhaps Nonini you should have done so privately.

The beat is very catchy and I would dance and get down to this.Infact if the song was just the beat and perhaps the chorus I would dance to it.Nonini’s and Pierra’s parts(especially Pierra’s) are unnecessary.Chege’s coastal flavor to the song is a breath of fresh air.This is the first I have heard from him and I would love to hear more in the future.

Production wise I am happy at least Rkay did something different.More on that later.Good job Rkay.

The video is ok.Nothing out of the ordinary.All white theme mostly.Girls here and there in bikinis and underwear,skimpy things.Cameo by Wahu.Kenyan music video directors can we PLEASE be spared of asses in our faces.Also just don’t come up with shot lists create a story.At first this looked like a business kind of storyline.Someone being paid for a something.I use ‘something’ because I don’t know what that something is.

Then Steve Mbogo…Nonini is this you endorsing him?Why in this song?You have social media for that.My biggest question Nonini what is that you are doing to Pierra’s waist.WHY are you doing it?Pierra WHY are you letting him do this to you?I can’t.

To cut the long story short this song has been overshadowed by so many distractions that have nothing to do with the music but maybe if you could get past it all you could like it.

Your thoughts?


Check out the video below




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