Lady Bee is such a sweet soul and that comes off in her songs.  She is a transformed artist and she has stood firm in this journey of salvation , not an easy thing to do. She has done a couple of songs and  surprisingly there is not much word about it. An issue with promotion perhaps. The song ‘Hakuna kama wewe’ means there is none like you (God).

With the all white theme being a favourite among many artists , Lady Bee was not left behind. The song is set at a waterfall and it looks good. Simba Empire Pictures are not short of equipment as they have a variety shots ranging from aerial shots, close ups and wide shots. Good for you .A good investment always pays. The dancers in the video also wore white but then there was one lady in a conspicuous multicoloured top , was she supposed to be in the video?

Having dancers is a good thing but Lady Bee would have easily done this song alone. The dancers feel like more of a distraction as opposed to them complementing  the video. The dancers are not in sync and they are too aggressive combined with Lady Bee’s passion in the song and it is too much for the eye. Dancing should marry in to the song but in most Kenyan videos , dancers take a life of their own and not in a good way.

The styling in this video is okay , but they missed a mark when they gave Lady Bee two toned shoes and from afar they look like sneakers till they zoom in and you realize she is wearing ankle boots. White stilettos would have been perfect with the bodycon. Then the red dress was scary. Maybe it’s the design that is weird but it looked off, a white maxi would have sufficed. The wig also looks off. This outfit looks like it was put together in a hurry.

Now let us talk about the audio. It takes no expert to tell that auto tune was greatly used. At first one is taken aback and I had to listen to her other songs and she has a decent voice . There was no need for auto tune. I must admit however that her passion is evident and she is coming from a point of truth.

Lady Bee  has come very far and she has promise. Vocal coaching would work wonders for her. She also needs a team to help her with promoting her songs. She has done so many songs that could do very well but the timing was off.  She also does well with worship songs and she should do more of those. Given her chemistry with Size 8 and  since they both share the redemption story , with a good songwriter, they would make a hit. Their performance at JCC Parklands was proof enough.

Stay in Faith.

Your Thoughts?

Nyambura Nyawira.

Check out the video below








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