Mushy Mondays: ‘Mahindi’ by ELANI



Picture this , a young man in his early twenties who has three siblings all younger than him. He got a chance to have an education with the hopes of becoming something better. After getting perfect grades he knocked on every door to get a job just so he can send a little money home to show some appreciation. But then as it so happens , he cannot so he gets an odd job, lives in a shack, eats in a filthy dungeon  just so people back home have food on their plate.

She serves tea at your favourite coffee house. Pretty , polite, smiles even on a day when her cramps threaten the little energy she has left. She got a degree from a local university but all she wants to do is act. She deals with a cranky boss , swollen feet , ungrateful clients and long hours.She does all of this  just so she can buy medicine for her sickly father back in the village and help her elderly mother.

That is  almost the picture depicted by the song ‘Mahindi’ by Elani. It starts with a young man appreciating his mum’s efforts over the years and he promises to bring back home some maize. Maize in this context is metaphorical for food. Elani are a trio who boasts of a sentimental album that did well. Their music elicits emotions of love , empathy and they understand you through their music.

The song depicts the stereotypical Nairobi that young people left for to better themselves. When every young person sought out to make a change in their family in the best way possible. Here is why this song is a hit, it resonates with majority of the audience. From the young lady from the humble home to the boy born into wealth trying to break away from his father’s shadow and make something of himself .

It also shows the expectation of the society from us all. Brings back the days when it took a village to raise a child and when that child grew up they were to take care of the village. This song is timeless, fit for the 90s and the Y generation. This song will outlive the band. That is what every artist should set out to do with his craft; create masterpieces that their grandchildren will read of in history books.

Finally the song talks of storge kind of love for family and care for those who mean the most to you. In a world where  love is defined by manipulation , selfish agendas and lust , it is refreshing to have a song that depicts pure love. Elani’s success is a story of triumph over hardship and we as the fans can only hope that they come back from their hiatus and make more music. Oh and they should keep Meshack as a songwriter , he is good for the team.

Sidebar: This being mushy mondays , go out and make someone you love proud. Be it your family members or someone who was there for you when they shouldn’t have been. When you finally get to the top , be sure to bring some ‘Mahindi’ back home. Be Well.

Yours Thoughts?

Nyambura Nyawira.

Check out the video below






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