Booty dance

Let your booty dance …eeh! That is the hook of the song by the one and only Victoria Kimani. Nothing speaks more of banging Fridays than a ‘Booty Dance.’  Victoria Kimani is a Kenyan born artist, bred in the United States, Kenya and Nigeria. I played her song in the office and a colleague who is a foreigner asked whether she is Kenyan.

Red Flag!

In the song booty dance Victoria has lived up to her reputation of using colour and pomp in her wardrobe. She has four sets of outfits in the video and it creates a lot of diversity. The singer who is signed to Chocolate City Music and Entertainment Company , a move that has seen some Kenyans alienate her, reminds me of Katy Perry. They both have good voices and they are known to do pop music.

Booty dance is a song about ASS, literally. There is a lot of booty shaking by the diva herself and her dancers. The first scene is shot in a supermarket with her singing and a scene between a midget and girl with a behind worth writing home about. This story rides on the general stereotypes that a lady will take a man with money irrespective of the man’s physique. The rest of the scenes switch up locations and they are basically dance scenes.

This is a good example of how an artist should look like with dancers. Victoria manages to stand out while at the same time her dancers do a pretty good job. The choreography was done in a way that she looks elegant, which goes very well with her wardrobe and the dancers, are in the zone. There is also a specific dancer who us having her fun in the mud. Now that is PG13. It brings to mind Rihanna’s ‘Umbrella’ video. She also used a set up that was in the Mafikizolo‘s ‘KHONA’. The choice of locations is very African and it is clear that she is trying to establish herself in the continent.

One thing that is very amusing is that she has a Nigerian accent. Well justifiably she lived in Nigeria for a while, but then this is what fuels the doubt behind her nationality. Well a prophet is rejected in his own home but the accent feels like retaliation from her side.  While there is nothing wrong with her picking Nigerian traits here and there, it is hard to sell an artist who is not popular back home.

There is a scene where the director emulates Kim Kardashian’s Paper Magazine cover and he has a model supporting a glass of wine on her derriere . There is also a borrowing of lyrics from Tanya Stephen’s ‘It’s a pity’.  Here is the thing, this video makes one think too much . It is better to listen to the audio in the club and watch the video when sober. She makes us try to remember where she borrowed all these things and it gets tiresome.

Victoria Kimani should do a laid back song where we actually hear her voice. Accompany it with a video that is not too much to the eye. Subtlety is key. While she may want to ‘ignore the haters’ she needs to meet Kenyans halfway. Do a song to woo the Kenyan audience and with time they will wholeheartedly embrace you. Her move to collaborate with Mozambique queen of pop Dama do Bling is good and might win her a couple of fans. Click here to watch the video.The two are the spitting image of each other.

Notice how I did not mention anything about the lyrics. She needs to incorporate the skills of good writers. Even if you talking  about money , ass , fame or clubbing , get a good writer to put it down for you as opposed to repeatedly singing the hook, it’s nauseating. Chocolate City have a pennies to spare as the video is of very high quality and the production crew is well skilled. That’s what will keep you hooked to the video.

Your Thoughts?


Check out the video below


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