All music lovers globally have had a ball in the last fortnight.Adele’s fans were treated to her much awaited 25. Sauti sol’s fans had an exceptionally good week. The boy band gave lots of goodies; a 48hr free to download album ‘Live and Die Afrika‘, a booklet with lyrics to all their songs and amazing photos to accompany them. One of the winners in the album is the song, ‘Kuliko Jana’. ‘Kuliko Jana’ means better than yesterday. It is written and Produced by Sauti Sol whose talent speaks for itself.

The song is a plea to God by a young man asking that the Lord loves him more than he did yesterday. It is written so beautifully that by the time you hit the replay button you are singing along to most parts of the song. We are ushered into the song with a magical fusion of Aaron Rimbui and Fancy Fingers on the keys and the strings respectively. These are two men who have mastered their craft -it’s unbelievable. Bien then takes it away with powerful vocals and a sincerity that will weaken your knees. Vulnerability in a song can be the difference between a normal song and a hit.

The lyrics go ahead to explain the devious ways of human beings giving examples from the bible making it the ultimate worship song. The chorus employs choir like vocals with Mudigi adlibbing and giving it an exemplary finish. The phrase marries well with the bridge which then leads into a softer outro that will have sentimental people tearing up. This song will have you yearning for Chimano’s bass which would have made the song even better.

This is what happens when good songwriters, amazing instrumentalists and powerful vocalists are locked in a studio. Aaron Rimbui stands out with the Piano; one can literally hear the Piano speak though the keys. Rimbui has never been one to disappoint. Praise and Worship teams from different churches in the country should go ahead and learn the lyrics to the song teach the congregation and go ham with song. Knowing the conservative churches, like my very own P.C.E.A church, it is unlikely that this will make it to the playlist. Not with the elders saying, ‘Hiyo ni ya wale fijana waliiba mbira guo.’ Reminds me of the day R Kelly did ‘Storm is over ‘ and the church worship sessions were awash with the song.

This song is way better than what we call ‘Gospel Music’. It is proof that one does not have to be in the box ‘Gospel Musician’ to make a worship song. God is not like us mere mortals who are quick to judge instead he requires that we offer true worship and surrender completely and this song does that. You are assured of having a moment with God with this song. Well we seem to be having such moments with the Pope being in the country as well. We cannot wait for the video!

Your Thoughts?


Click on the link below to listen to the audio




    • Hallo, thanks for taking the time to read and yes Sauti Sol are beyond awesome. Seeing that you discovered them recently here is a link to their website where you can listen to(and buy) all their albums. You will love them. Have a good one. Sauti Sol albums.


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