Anyone who has been to Nanyuki will confess how beautiful the place is. It was founded in 1907 by British settlers and it has grown to be a tourist attraction. It is a good place to raise children; quite , serene and green. Well , when I was thirteen we were driving back to Nairobi after Christmas festivities when a song from the road trip playlist came on. It struck a chord in me and I hang on every word , thinking to myself ‘Who could this genius be ?’ I prodded the designated driver to reveal the name of the artist and he said it was Mercy Myra.

Tabasamu means smile . It opens with her melody and an acoustic guitar that feels like the two are having a conversation. God bless all  the amazing guitar players , you make all the difference in a song. This song feels like a female version of Robin Thicke’s ‘ Lost Without You’. Only better with an African touch and the instrumentals.

Mercy begins by telling her lover that she cannot see or hear because of the love she feels. That love is driving her nuts and all she asks is that they hold hands. She complements her beloved’s physique. She asks to be held both physically and emotionally.  Those lyrics are enticing and they set a mood for two people who love each other to lose themselves to each other. When you listen to this song , someone will come to mind.

Mercy uses male Background Vocalists for this song who have some serious vocals . Their harmonies will make tabasamu. The men do justice to the song and they add spark to the song. One can almost see the men carrying her like an Egyptian goddess as she sings . Talk about grown folk music.

This song is a good example of how an artist should employ instruments , ensure that they stand out and at the same time not stifle the artist. This also goes to prove the motto that less is always more. The tambourine is on cue backed by the drum to ensure that you hang on every second of this song. Her intro matches her outro format which will leave her voice playing in your head, good tactic.

This song was done years ago and it still manages to stand out. This is rare to do and it takes a very good songwriter and an even better vocalist to achieve this, kudos songbird! Two years ago, she made a comeback and though it is taking quite a bit to get  back on her throne, she will eventually get there if her homecoming concert the ‘Past , Present and Future’  is anything to go by. I could not find the song  online but it has been used as a music bed in a YouTube video so here is how you can get it.

  1. Click on  here
  2. Copy that link
  3. Go onto mp3juices
  4. Copy paste the link , wait for it convert it to an audio file.
  5. Download it , save it and enjoy.

Your Thoughts?





    • You are welcome Mercy . Tabasamu is still a beautiful song. Karibu Nyumbani and may you continue to make good music. All the best in your journey, we will be sure to keep tabs.


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