Remember when videos were shot in random malls and restaurants?Remember when the hot girls who were video vixens wore jeans and halter tops or spaghetti straps with their bellies showing?Well if any of this does not ring a bell you are either too young or too old.The 90s babies would get it.

Welcome to the kapuka era when all you needed was a beat ,get in to the booth spit some rhymes into the mic and there you have it, a song.This was when Jaguar used to sing with different beats not that one that we are all accustomed to.(By the way what does he do nowadays,because it’s not singing nor rapping).

The song is quite catchy and if you aren’t overwhelmed by laughter thanks to the lyrics then you will really enjoy dancing to this.My favourite part is ‘Unanikanda kanda we..’which if you directly translate is you are kneading me(like chapati).I am sure he probably meant ‘you are hurting me with how good you look ‘but that line always makes me laugh.

You can also hear the male BGVs in the chorus.They sound really good,coordinated.You know what, more artistes should explore using  male BGVs.Your song gets an instant facelift just by employing that simple change.

On to the video.It’s nothing fancy.Just one location but different shots in different parts of the mall.Jaguar and his hype man are doing their part but his hype man is doing the most.He has really danced…and lip synced.I am almost sure if there was no playback he was probably actually singing.

This video had a story line no matter how staggering it was.Basically Jaguar and friend waiting at a mall for their dates to show up.Girls show up they sit down for a date as they are ‘serenaded’ about their figures,their walks…you get the picture.What’s interesting though is that Jaguar and his date are playing chess.Now that’s new.Considering I know nothing about the game I can’t tell whether they were doing it right but kudos for that twist in the story.

The girls are really pretty and not underdressed.Their moves are also quite decent if you compare it to what you see nowadays.The extras do what they are supposed to do which is blend into the background of the story.

To be honest I would not have known of this song had it not been for Nyambura,fellow writer at the Bar.She heard this song in a matatu and asked for the title and here we are.Might I add she had been looking for this song for a while so I really hope I did justice to this song.For our lovely readers I hope this takes you back to the good old kapuka days.

Yours truly,


Here is the video.



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