SanaIf the English dictionary had images to describe words, Sanaipei Tande would be right next to SEXY. She does not age at all! She mentioned in an interview that she eats anything she wants. Sigh!  Sanaipei Tande has looked the same since her East Africa Coca Cola Popstars Talent Search days. Following the split of the group ‘SEMA ‘ she has gone ahead to make a name for herself.

‘Rastaman’ is code for a man with dreadlocks. In Kenya we also call them ‘Mrasta’. There are ladies who gravitate towards men with dreadlocks, I am not sure why. Sometimes I think Adam must have had locks. Oh and Samson had locks. The locks were used to show his strength. May be that’s it . Dreadlocks are a show of strength.

She describes her Rastaman as extra-ordinary , courageous comparing his skin to ‘maji ya kunde.’ Kunde is a traditional vegetable that Kenyans eat and are known to be healthy. She complements his physique and says his smile portrays their love. I must admit that female vocalists are very blunt with their emotions. Go Feminism! However her friends  advise against ‘Rastaman’. But she turns a blind eye and hopes that she can spend the rest of her life with him. Good Lyrics!

The video is a hangout setting which seems to be a favourite among directors.  It opens with Sana in the swimming pool getting cozy with her Rastaman. This is interjected with solo shots of her singing along to the song and flaunting her famous thighs. There are scenes where she has her dancers and they do smooth choreography and finally we see her friends taking selfies. You get the drift.

First of all Sinema Films executed this video so well. The models are such a treat for our eyes. You see this is how you cast video vixens and models. People who actually care about their looks. The editor should get a raise. The shots are very creative and diverse. It shows class and style. However the wig was a distraction. I get the idea of ‘wet sexy hair’. Unfortunately it was not well executed. The hair was not long enough for the lift that she does numerous times. One more thing about the video , the three photos that she took with men who have dreadlocks was such a good way to emphasize on her love for the Rastaman.

Do you remember Wawesh the guy who did the hit song ‘Mjanja’? Well he did the audio for this song. It sounds really good. Sana’s vocals cannot be questioned and her voice just keeps getting better. Actually she has acquired some huskiness that she employed in the intro of the song. In her second verse she takes up a gangsta tone that stretches her vocally. That is how you know you have a good producer . One who pushes you to be better and try new grounds. One hitch though , why did you have the ‘Thitima’ phrase in there. It is really shady! ‘Thitima’ is Kikuyu for ‘Electricity’. It is used to show that the sound is electrifying.

Overall this is such a good jam. Sana should be competing with the Yemi Alades , Tiwa Savages and Alaines. Her inconsistency is the reason she has not maintained her African audience. See, we cannot trust  whether she will release a song or not. She mentioned that this can be attributed to her radio career. Now that it has come to an end, we can hope for more music. In the event she gets another Radio or TV gig , will she stop singing? A job should not stop you from pursuing your passion. Even when it gets hectic , gather a team around you to help with various tasks. At the rate at which this industry is growing , having two jobs is a vacation. So Sana gear up and hit the ground running. Your fans are waiting. Check out more about her on her website Sanaipei Tande

Your Thoughts?


Click below to watch her video.


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