Now that the dust has settled let us talk about Live and Die in Afrika. It is barely a fortnight since we got Sauti Sol’s album. The lucky ones got it in the 48 hours that it was free to download. If you do not have it yet, not to worry  the photo below shows the various ways you can download it or stream it.

Screenshot (34)

Let’s break it down.


How authentic is that ? In a time where girls are rocking natural hair and the only thing that is missing is Hair Glo in people’s handbags. When we are donning Ankara and Africa is the new cool , that title is genius! The ‘K’ in Africa almost makes you feel like that should have been the spelling along.


Do you know who else released their album on the same weekend? Adele and Justin Beiber. Given that Sauti sol has a global audience, what better way to show muscle that compete with best of them. The African audience, specifically Kenyans were all ‘I live and die in Afrika.’ While other artists were pulling back their release , they seemed oblivious of any competition.


Calling it photography would be a gross misconduct. The masterpiece was created by Annabel Anyango who was the stylist (talk about beauty and brains) and  Mia Collis who was behind the camera. You can check out more of her work here. The album cover presented the four men as African Royalty combining elegance, diversity and class with a splash of African Heritage. The cock held by Bien killed it for me. Good job creative team. That my friends is the difference between achieving  excellence and settling for mediocrity.


It was one of those Saturdays that I happened to be at the office to do Saintly Saturdays  when I got WhatsApp messages and a texts of friends telling of Sauti sol’s album. Ten minutes later I was listening to the album. The fact that the site crashed as a result of traffic on the site. What this means is that most of their fans got the album and the existence of Bluetooth means they will readily share with their friends and family. Play it at house parties , weddings and at home when you are just chilling.


When you eventually download the album , the first thing you will notice is that it will top your playlist. This is because the songs listing are done in a numerical order from number 1 to 15. See even if you have an audio book say ’48 laws of Power’ the songs will still play before it because of the underscore.


Part of the package is a booklet with lyrics to every song. What is the first song you learned? Mine was ‘Kuliko Jana’. Now every club should have  the album on their Karaoke playlist. Why ? Well we know the words to every song. How awesome is that ?


Granted there is not a lot of albums that will impress you with all their songs. This was no exception. Live and Die in Afrika has 15 jams. 5 of the songs ; ‘Sura Yako’ , ‘Isabella’ , ‘Nishike’, ‘Still the one’ and ‘Shake Yo Bam Bam’, were released as singles to preempt the album. The anticipation was nerve wrecking and it ensured that we all waited with bated breath for the album . To  add to the list of hits are ‘Live and Die in Afrika, ‘Say Yeah ”Kuliko Jana’ and ‘Kiss Me’. Well the rest of the four songs are okay songs and are mostly album fillers one might say.


The four band members are all different personalities that complement each other. In this album , Savara Mudigi stood out so much that it’s almost a re-introduction of him as an artist. Bien-Aime Baraza lived up to his potential and he did impress with ‘Kuliko Jana’. It is quite interesting  how he can switch from ‘Nishike ‘ to ‘Kuliko Jana’. Fancy Fingers managed to stand out without a single vocal and he did justice to each song. Makes you want to learn how to play a guitar. However, we are left craving for Chimano’s bass. One feels like he should have done more. The one song where he dominated vocally ‘Samba Party ‘ was just fine. All in all they are a band so the credits go to all of them.

Sauti sol are here to stay and we can all look forward to their tour dates. One thing we should appreciate is that , all this did not happen in a day. It has taken years of hard work to get Kenyan to warm up to them. Dedication to always give quality. Maintain diversity while staying true to who they are. Artists should borrow a leaf , understand that all good things take time. For now stay on top of  your game BOYS!!!



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