What I have to give up to these guys is the fact that they knew Ulopa would make the track sound just right. He’s the Akon or T-pain of hooks in Kenya. I’m still grappling with the idea that the track could have had a better title than Eish. So yes, they went to the studio, recorded the track and shot a music video for it.

Buganya as usual didn’t say much to write home about but he did mention something about a banana and someone eating it. Petra saved face and flowed in her polished English. At first I thought, now what is this one going to sing about? She went on to drop some decent bars and I’ll definitely check out her music now.

Kristoff is predictable in that we know he has to mention he’s a Luhya from Busia. Other than that, he’s managed to endear himself to his fans and going by his past performances, he didn’t disappoint his fan base by dropping some philosophical lyrics. He however, does bring a lot of energy to tracks he’s featured on and this was no different.

The other lady was everything I was looking for in an artist featured on this song. She was beautiful, long flowing hair, sings and tried to be sexy. I didn’t expect a Mercy Myra out of her and true artists know never to go below set expectations, only above. I hadn’t heard of her before today and I probably won’t see her till she’s featured on another track.

Kuna pressure mob, eish!

The main man came in strong with his old skool flow. This was the Abbas of K-south. The Abbas that made you want to skive school and head out to Midas for a night out with the city’s bad boys and girls of course. He is the artist that made other artists realize sometimes when you’re carrying a 9 it doesn’t have to be in your holster.

Abbas maintained his punch and his lyrics were equally good. When he was going in I could see Petra in the background just thinking how she was featured on a track with this legend. Abbas is definitely a talented artist and always comes through when given the opportunity. I would like to see him back in his element dropping the classics he blessed us with in the early 2000s.

Overall, it was not a bad track if you look at it from the trap aspect. It has the capacity to be a club banger with the right promotion. Sometimes you just have to go, eish!

When they make it , I rate it.


Here is the video.



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