naomi wamboeNaomi Wamboe is a pretty girl.She has a beautiful body and beautiful face to boot.Out of ten I would give her a 11,but this is not a beauty contest it is a music blog,so let’s talk about her music.She describes herself as a singer,songwriter and entertainer.Naomi recently dropped her song Addicted.The song is barely a month old and you should give it a listen if you are looking for something to jam to.

Addicted is basically a song that talks about a girl who is addicted to her lover kama nyama choma.Now allow me to put this into context.For all those reading from abroad,Nyama Choma is a delicacy that we Kenyans love.It’s basically barbecued meat prepared with kachumbari(what is called salsa) and eaten with Ugali.I am no drinker but I hear it goes well with beer.This nyama choma is best eaten with your bare hands.

Back to the song,  the chorus Nimekwama nawe is a Kenyan proverb which means I’m stuck on you.She urges her lover to Songa karibu nishike vizuri(move closer and hold me tighter) then back to the chorus.There really is not much in terms of serious content in this song because it’s a feel good song.

I love how the song is arranged,it is a lot of electronic sounds put together that are upbeat and not too harsh on your eardrums.I love the bit that sounds like a drum just before the chorus drops.Makes you want to adjust your trousers or skirt and drop a serious move.Every African knows what I mean,when you are on the dance floor and you are getting ready to unleash a deadly move,lingala style.

Now on to the video.Enos Olik was also here.I must say the use of lighting in this video was very well done.I see Naomi tried the ‘under the sheets’ move.Nice one.In this first part of the story she is in her underwear,a man’s shirt and pink socks.I like the pink.Nyambura my fellow writer says the part where she is rocking out on her headphones looks like an ad.

Next we move on to her dancing in the garden first alone then with the dancers.I think this girl has enough energy for 10 people.The dancers did not look very coordinated but I like that this is one of the videos with dancers where I remembered the singer and not the dancers.Then we move to the party scene where her friends are coming for the Nyama Choma party.A few famous faces,Nick Mutuma and his girlfriend,her sister Angela Muiruri former Miss USA Kenya,and Calvo Mistari.That meat looks so good I was literally salivating the whole time.These party goers at least looked like they were genuinely having fun and it’s because most of them know each other(click here).

I think that’s the secret.Either get your friends to be in your video or hire really good actors who can fake the chemistry.None of that props instead of people in the background.More dancing from Naomi and her dancers(one of them is making a really weird face,where are these guys from?) and the video is done.

I actually really like the song and the video.You can listen to this without cringing because she can actually sing.The visual is so appetizing and I can see that there was thought put into every aspect of it.Naomi is not afraid to show some skin but she does it tastefully.Her enthusiasm is palpable and she just feels like a ball of energy.Considering she was mostly raised abroad,her Swahili in this song is not so bad.The only thing is that her music feels more diasporan than authentically Kenyan.Perhaps she needs to do a bit more to connect with her fans on that level.Otherwise good job,Naomi.

Check out the video below.

Yours truly,





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