I recently attended the unveiling of the Safaricom Capture Kenya 2016 calendar .  Click here to see the calendar. To say that those photos were magnificent is an understatement. Is it just me or is there a ‘Kenya is the new cool’ movement going on? Suddenly all my brothers and sisters from Central have two Kikuyu names and you get a side eye if you call them by their Christian name. Well that is a good problem to have. More people now have Kenyan songs as their ringtones and even Ben Carson wants to come to Kenya.

Rufftone is one of the founders of gospel music and all thanks to him we now enjoy Daddy Owen’s music. He is known more for his gospel music but he went ahead to show patriotism in the song ‘Mungu Baba’.  Mungu Baba means Lord Father literally. The song is a cry for our country and he is asking God to be with us and to protect our country. He asks that hatred shall done with and instead we can focus on building our country.

Rufftone has done the song with GSU and the National Youth Orchestra. This is such a good way to do a song and you can never go wrong. First of all, we as Kenyans have for a long time  not had the best attitudes towards the men and women in uniform. This is however changing and this song is a perfect example of how we should embrace change. It is refreshing to see GSU singing as it gives them a sense of humanity.

Lampstand Videoz did the video and they had scenes from the ugliness that we had during the ’07- ’08 post election violence. This is a plea to God and at the same time an awakening to what we are still recovering from. In the song he talks of how we could easily lose the sight of 2030 vision even stating that it could be vision 3020 and you know what, it is true.  We as a country need to get our act together. I mean Kenyans are so hardworking  if you need proof, walk around at around 5:30AM and everyone is going about their business. The government needs to ensure that money earned though blood , sweat and tears does not go down the drain in to the pockets of unscrupulous , irresponsible , selfish and downright vile individuals.

The audio was also done by Lampstand Audio and they did such a beautiful job. See Rufftone does not have your ordinary voice and it feels like one needs to contain it. The producer has managed to do that and it sounds good.  The reggae feel towards the end of the song is refreshing.The National Youth Orchestra did such a beautiful job that at some point it looked like a movie , where the artists were making magic with their violins and there is a scene going on behind them. Good job on the director’s end.

There is one line that is the hook that stands out for me. ‘Maombi.Amani.Upendo.Umoja’. The four words mean ‘Prayer .Peace.Love .Unity’. That is what we can hope for as we celebrate this day. We are such a beautiful country with amazing people, the breath-taking landscapes and I could go on for ages bragging about this God-given haven. Kenya is our home so to borrow a leaf from Crown Paints , ‘If you like it , Crown it’ in our case , Love it. Let us make a pact, starting today we are going to say a positive word about this country once a day. You will note the difference. For now one patriot to another ‘Prayer .Peace.Love .Unity’. The Bar wishes you a Happy Jamhuri Day! 🙂

I found the lyrics to the on this site , here goes.

Mungu Baba twaomba, (Father God we pray)
uilinde nchi yetu (That you protect our country)
tuishi kwa umoja (That we may live in unity)
Chuki si tumalize, (Help us stop hatred)
tusameheane tupendane (to forgive and love one another)
Ni wewe Mungu pekee (You are the only God)
Mungu Baba twaomba, (Father God we pray)
uilinde Kenya yetu (That you protect our Kenya)
tuishi kwa upendo (That we may live in love)
Chuki si tumalize,  (Help us stop hatred)
tuungane tushangiliane (That we unite and encourage each other)
Ni wewe Mungu pekee (You are the only God)

Now me say Love, love, love one another
Oh Kenyan youth me say now love one another
Me say serve, serve, serve one another
Oh Kenyan youth me say now serve each other
We are the leaders of today, we are the kings of today
We are the princes and the queens of now
We are the ones that the Lord has chosen yes
We are the ones with the power today yes

My home, my Kenya, my land
My residence, my president
My town, my city, my crown, my love, my joy, my pride
Amen, Amen, Amen


Raundi hii wasee nawashow (This time I tell you friends)
Tusipochunga vision 2030 (If we do not protect vision 2030)
Itakuwa vision 3020 (It will turn to vision 3020)

Maombi, amani, upendo, umoja
(Prayer, peace, love, unity)
Maombi, amani, upendo, umoja eh
(Prayer, peace, love, unity)

Click on the link below to watch the video.



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