Do you have someone in mind who given a chance you would gladly give them your number ? I know I do. Phyllis Ng’etich aka Phy is such a joy to listen to and watch. She recently released her album and number 2 on the playlist is ‘Una Manzi’ . This is actually a question which translated in English means ‘Do you have a girlfriend?’ The song is written to ask someone you admire whether they have a girlfriend.  It starts off by describing  the physique of the said person giving the ultimate tall , dark and handsome dream guy. Phy goes ahead to confess that she does not usually do this and eventually asks for his number. If allowed offers  a kiss and if the parents allow it they will get married. She complements his swagger and admits that he is driving her crazy.

Phy is such a good songwriter. She  represents the new age of Kenyan music where it does not have to be so complicated. The fact that she has her own band that totally gets her works for her when it comes to the instruments. She in sync with the guitar and the drums give it such a good feel. Her vocals are easy to listen. Obviously with time she will get better but for now she is vocally decent. This song does not really allow her to explode vocally and the most impressive note is the last one in this song.

Her selling point however is her stage presence. She will keep you glued to your screen in all her songs.  It does help that she is downright sexy and pretty. She had a gangsta feel to her combined with a vulnerability  that makes her relatable. Another thing that applies to this song and the rest of her album is that she has a knack of creativity that is admirable. Mentorship from Kaka Sungura did help.

There is no video for this song yet, we cannot wait but she performed the song at the Maisha Superstar competition 2015 , which she won . In the performance her attitude is felt, she is not shy with the judges. She has flirtatious moves that you know, will help sell her as an artist. Every time I watch her , I am taken back to Rihanna’s debut into the music industry.

This song is believable , it feels like she is actually singing it to someone in her life. When we have her for an interview we will be sure to ask her. It also helps  that she makes comparisons to things we all know like mshikaki which means barbecue skewers in Swahili. This is an artist to watch for sure. You can buy her album here and watch her performance video here.

Your Thoughts?


Mrefu kama mlingoti

(Tall as a flag post )

Mtamu kama mshikaki

(Sweet as a barbecue skewer)

Nakucheki pale pale.

(I see you there)

Mweusi kama my coffee

(Black as my coffee)

Mtanashati ooh baby

(Very handsome baby)


Nakuchecheki pale pale.

(I see you there)

Sijazoea Kufanya hivi

(I usually don’t do this)


(Tell me)


Una manzi or can have your number? x2

(Do you have a girl or can you have a number?)

Kama huna mimi najitoea

(If you don’t have any , I offer myself)

Una manzi or can have your number?

(Do you have a girl or can you have a number?)

Twende ukiniruhusu ,nikakupige busu

(Let’s go and if you allow me, I will kiss you)

Nakucheki palepale

(I see you there)

Wazazi wakikubali ,twende zetu tumarry 

(If our parents allow it let’s go away and get married)



Swagger yako baby balaa

Nakucheki palepale x2





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