The last time we had a song about a dance move that became a sensation was when Elephant man gave us the song ‘Gully Creepa’. The king of dancehall is back and this time he wants us to ‘Shoulder Back’. This is a feel good dancehall tune  that talks about a dancing style. Redsan is known to effortlessly make hits about anything. When you hear this song for the first time , you will easily confuse Redsan with a Jamaican artist. This has always been his style. In the song he talks about getting your crew together and representing by doing the dance move. Hosts of teen shows can now celebrate because his song has created content for you , you can have a segment where people will come in and do the ‘Shoulder Back’.

The video is so well done. Sesan is on top of his game as he commences the video when our main man is getting all fresh and clean for the day. Now I am very curious , there is a cock crowing in the audio at the song that cues in the video, does Redsan sleep like that? There is lack of believability in that scene. The cut aways of his accessories show class and that is complemented by the machine he drives in the video. Sesan got very creative with the insinuation of a ripple effect that is caused by the car. This is shown when the car passes , the two women start dancing , the school children and even the old man who is old enough to be my grandfather.

There is slight nudity in the video but thankfully the girls take good care of themselves so it’s not a pain to watch. It might actually be a delight, Go team Mafisi! These scenes are intercut with the choreographed dance. Redsan ,a guy called Kev and the A team came up with the dance moves and they will have you on your feet the minute you see them. If going to the gym is  a tedious job , try the moves in this video and you will be fine. Provided you do not break a limb trying to twerk on you head. There was the use of gels to provide the blue and orange feel combined with a silhouette , it looks really classy. Good job to the lights guy they are hardly ever celebrated.

The audio has a Jamaican feel to it which can get very monotonous and it takes a great artist to keep us interested in the video. Redsan will capture your attention with simple lyrics, one can actually hear what he is saying. This song is of a specific niche and age group. Do not be surprised if you do not like it as much, you are not in the target group.

This song will dominate the charts for a very long time. It is also  part of the Top ten songs of 2015 see that article here. Now the thing that is annoying and at the same time tantalizing about this man is the fact that he can disappear for ages then come back and make us shoulder back. One fan commented on his Youtube video and said ‘good song see you again in two years‘. That might actually happen. On the flip side , brother looks as fine as he did ten years ago. Folks go ahead and ‘Shoulder Back’.

Your Thoughts?


Click below to watch the video.

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