Saintly Saturdays: ‘Story Yangu’ by Denno and Bahati


Denno and BahatiIs it the end of the year yet? How time flies! Today we will look at  a hot off the charts song by Bahati and Denno. Denno broke out into the industry with his collaboration with Daddy Owen . He is back with ‘Story Yangu’ with Bahati. This is a good collaboration because these two gentlemen have beaten all odds to get here. That is the theme of this song. 

Denno starts off the song with a briefing of his blindness. He does this in four lines exactly which is basically two lines done twice. Bahati then takes it away and he talks about the loss of his parents and life in the ghetto. The songwriting in this song is not good and more could have been done. Denno is not felt in this song and his presence is more elaborate in the video.

The audio was done in  Bahati’s newly launched studios by the name ‎‬ EASTLANDS MOST BELOVED RECORDS (EMB RECORDS). It is actually quite impressive that one, he opened the studio and two it is well done. The audio is crystal clear and you will enjoy listening to the song. This is  where there is a problem because the lyrics do not match up. They are both very emotional in the song and that will sell the song but it will not assure its longevity.

The video is done by Young Wallace. It is set in River Road Nairobi which sets the mood of the video. Bahati is a hawker in the video selling peanuts while Denno is a beggar. They show how people have each other’s back in the streets. That is the message one gets when the audio is on mute. The deeper meaning is how God changes our stories. It shows how God can save you from a destitute situation and take you to another level of glory. They give their lives as living proof that God can change any situation.

Timing is everything and this song has been released at the perfect time. The year is ending and it has been one hell of a year. You have overcome so many hurdles and you cannot believe that you are actually here. You have looked for a job for ages and nothing has been forthcoming. Had an accident , lost a job and the bills are sinking you down each day. Your marriage is nothing like you had imagined. Here is what Denno and Bahati are telling you , GOD WILL CHANGE YOUR STORY. Believe it , claim it and you will have it. This song will drag you out of a dark hole and give you renewed hope.

As we approach the end of the year and you are making plans for next year,don’t fret. HE who lives will change your story. He will do something new in your life and you will tell a new story. Next year will be a better year and you will be fine.

Sidebar : Thank you for checking in every Saturday for an article. It has taken many sleepless nights , braving cold Saturdays and a better understanding  of the gospel industry. It has been a beautiful journey thus far. This is the last ‘Saintly Saturdays’ of the year and I am so grateful for you. God bless you immensely.

Click below to watch the video.








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