Mushy Mondays: ‘Take it slow’ by Zikki and Jaguar


Love is in the air. This is the season when people spend time with their loved ones. When suddenly your one night stand will magically have your number for fear of sending Christmas alone. When real love will brew and bear fruits in the second month of next year. September babies have an extra reason to celebrate , this is the month you were conceived. Speaking of love , Jaguar did a song with Zikki dubbed ‘Take it slow’. Zikki is a band of four young men; Bianju Morris, Evans Macharia(Vansie Mash), Moses Otieno(Moses Stringman)and  Kelvin Kamande(Francis Kelvin).

The audio has been done by Mainswitch which unfortunately makes the beat predictable. It is an okay beat but while listening to it there is a constant feeling that something more can be done. However, the quality is good :Zikki does justice to the vocals and they feed the song with the neccesary emotion. The lyrics to the song are standard. Zikki is making their way to the top and it is very worrying when , early in your journey , your songwriting prowess does not stand out. This can AGAIN be helped if one incorporates writers , you would be surprised at how your creative juices would flow. Good news it is not irreparable damage there is room to improve.

The song talks about the stereotypical storyline where a poor lad from the ghetto is smitten by a rich girl . Jaguar who acts as the young man’s mentor advises that he gets his life in order in life before pursuing this young girl. The young man talks about the rift that is brought about by their different classes. While this is no surprise people in such circumstances have gone ahead and gotten married. It is some of the lyrics that are just sad really.

The young man is from Dandora. See when the name comes to mind the first thing that comes to mind is a big heap of rubbish, thanks to the media. Then you go ahead and do a song that says .’Kwetu ni Dandora , kunarushwa makombora na kumejaa wakora’  (We are from Dandora where grenades are thrown and it is full of thugs). Why? Listen if someone who does not know Kenya listens to that song they will think Dandora is the filth of the country (no pun intended). As an artist your job is to be an ambassador , a good one for that matter, of your home. Zikki do not feed negative images that people already have. Moving forward that is the image that people will have of you. Anyone who has been to Dandora will attest to the improvement. Grenades are thrown everywhere man , just ask Paris.

The video was done by Enos Olik. The setting was so chilled out and the use of cheerleaders was really cool. They represented the Kenyan cheerleaders, good job! There is one specific cheerleader who stands out and makes one blind to the rest, intentionally I hope. Now in the cut aways there seems to be a problem with continuity. In one scene , a shooting guard scores in what seems to be daytime and is cheered by fans in what seems like night. It will take you to watch the video five times to notice that. It is rather distracting and one is left to wonder whether it is an editing style or simply a mistake.

Wardobe could have been better. Jaguar has always been elegant and now he wears tattered pants. If you have read my previous posts you know how I feel about this ‘fashion’ trend. But since this is nothing to do with me , let me just say , Jaguar has looked better. Hair and make up did well in this video they take the cup for this one. Apart from a girl with a mohawk that may leave you wondering whether it was done.

Zikki has promise. Two things they need; People cannot confuse you for Hart the Band and proper branding. When you have people handling your business, then you can dedicate your time to honing your craft. When you are in a band it is very easy to get lost . Most people think Bianju is Zikki yet it has four members.Keep at it and remember as an artist , you have been given an opportunity to take a canvas and work your magic and deliver a masterpiece. Always remember that!

Your Thoughts?


Click below for the video and scroll below for the lyrics.


Mapenzi ni kama bahari , lisilo na mwisho

(Love is like an endless ocean,without an end)

Mapenzi ni kama moto kwa roho na haichomi

(Love is a fire in the heart that does not burn)

Nimempenda msichana wa kisonko

(I have fallen for a rich girl )

Mi humwona kwenye ndoto , usiku nikiwa ghetto.

(I dream of her as I sleep in the ghetto  )

Ye huishi Runda , mimi huishi Dandora

(She lives in Runda and I live in Dandora )

Kunarushwa makombora na kumejaa wakora

(Grenades are thrown and the place is full of thugs)


Lakini je anakupenda?

(Question is does she love you?)

Najua wampenda.

(I know you love her)

Basi nenda polepole , siku moja utampata.

(Take it slow and one day you will have her)


Mpenzi wangu never leave me

(Never leave me my love)

Mpenzi twende tu polepole

(Let us take it slow love)

Verse 2

Anabonga tu Kilami , hapendi mama pima

(She only speaks in English, she does not like illicit brew)

Hapendi za madondo , anataka tu mapizza

(She does not like beans , she only eats Pizza)






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