just a band

Winning in Life.That is what Just A Band is about.Winning.This song was released earlier in the year and was a breath of fresh air ,as they always are.On this particular track they decided to feature the super energetic,talented Owuor Arunga who worked his magic with the trumpet.

The song is a love song.It talks about how when you are with that one person who has your heart,you can do anything for them.With that one person,you have the potential of being a winning team and winning in life.(see what I did there?).

Let it be said that the term ‘winning’ is now a part of Urban slang but I am glad they have managed to use it appropriately.There is the Swahili part’Umenibamba,cheza na mimi chini kwa chini’ which means ‘You have made me so happy,dance with me ,let’s get down'(Sheng directly translated sounds weird but this is the closest translation that made sense.)

When it comes to the arrangement,I can hear the drums as the perfect intro,followed by an electronic generated sound then the trumpet.In comes Blinky’s unmistakable steady voice that could be a monotone but then again it’s not.How do you do it Blinky?Then comes the all male chorus.Very well done such that anyone can sing along.Male BGVs are the future.

After that the song gives way to Owuor’s trumpet.This bit has a life of its own and THAT is how to make a statement.He is the real deal.The bridge then comes in at this point and its a perfect balance,no part of the song competes with the other to be heard.

Now the video.Can I just say how mesmerizing this visual is.First of all the girl’s house is actually Mbithi’s crib.Ask me how I know,it’s because I stalk these guys.I mean really as far as giving me eye candy that house has all the elements of a true artist.The girl (Kui Kariuki) is such a graceful being and I have to commend her on the appropriate use of space.Her dancing through the house told us about her life through careful use of pictures.Writing 101; this technique is called setting up the story.

Next we move to the guy’s house which was pretty simple.His Dad came by and we can see that they have a frosty relationship that is until the girl comes by with news that makes him smile.Really good acting by the way.Kui and Willy(the guy) then dance around the living room celebrating and rush off into the parking lot where the car stalls and you know what I love about this?The girl owns the car.I know it’s no big deal to some people but to me it is.Another dance and then a really cool flip and off they go to get a boda boda or as we fondly call them nduthi.

The Kenya Krack Kommando Boda Boda Stunt Team did such a brilliant job.Very coordinated and precise and I have to say Kui must be very agile to do the things she was doing on that bike.The next scene is in hospital where we discover all this build up was towards an ultrasound.They are going to have a baby!The expression on Kui’s face at the end is priceless.

Ladies and gentlemen this is how a music video should be,tell a story.It was like watching a short film.Beginning middle and end.Perfect.Except,if this girl is pregnant why is she being flipped over?Then,since when were ultrasounds carried out while you were fully clothed?At least you would have cheated by covering her up with a white cloth or something.Sorry Mbithi,I saw it:)Otherwise as a director for JAB videos you have proved yourself over and over again.This is another feather to your cap.

Great song,great collaboration, great video, just great.What I love with JAB is their consistency and they never sound old or boring or trying too hard.Their music talks about life in a different light and I guarantee you,it will have you pondering about stuff you never thought about.

Dear future husband here is the engagement song as I put together  the playlist for our wedding:)

Yours truly,






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